Airtel Delhi - Airtel Bill escapade
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Complaint by: Ramesh Balani on February 25, 2016, 12:49 pm in Telecommunications

Bharti Airtel Limited is imposing on their customers,,, forced arbitrary behavior.

The customers has the right to take the bill ,,, and Airtel's responsibility to send them the bill on time.

Arbitrarily not sending bills to customers ,,, proves reduction in service.

A letter has been emailed to available email-id of MD-CEO, CEO, Appellate, Nodal, 121 & Presence Team of Bharti Airtel Limited ,,, in detail ,, including (by text) to distribute its own ,,, all to the Airtel-staff ,, from first official to the end level employee of Bharti Airtel Limited.

Image of the letter emailed to the available official's email-id on the Bharti Airtel Limited ,,, posted here ,, which is accessible to the all Airtel-staff-members.


Complainant's Goal: Airtel Bill escapade
Complainant's Target: Airtel Delhi
Complaint Location: India

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