SHELL MOBILE DRAW - UK Mobile Draw 2009
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Complaint by: visu on July 22, 2009, 2:28 pm in Lottery Scams

Lottery, SMS, Email and Online scam letters are sent out by the thousands and thousands every day. There are only two things they want - your money and your identity. A simple mistake can lead to loss of your identity and money.

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i receive a sms indicates that \"I won 750,000,00 Pounds in 2009 UK Mobile Draw & said that to claim give the following details Name, Address, Cont. No., & Age To Mr. Paul via e-mail\" this sms receive on 21st July 2009 Time 11:26 am IST from AD-DEMO.


22nd July I receive an e-mail as followes:

City Link Courier Limited .
Address: Kings Business Park,
715 Kings Road, Birmingham,
West Midlands
Phone: +447045764946
+4470359 34248
Fax: +44-870-478-4570



Welcome to City Link COURIER Limited . We are pleased to be at your service. With our strong assets base, fast and efficient delivery services over the past decade, we have maintained a good working relationship with the Uk Shell INTL Moble Draw, Your prizes for the 2009 Uk Shell Promotions, has been brought to us for delivery to your residence by the Claims Department of the Uk Promotion. The items in our possession for your delivery are:

1.) £750.000.00 (Seven Hundred And FiftyThousand Great British Pounds) written in your honour.
2.) Certificate of winning.

Your winnings will been dispatching on 22nd Of July 2009 and it will arrive on the 23rd July 2009 , As soon as your winnings arrive India you will be contacted by our company diplomat that will be bringing your funds to India Diplomat Adams Cole, You are to pay for your local clearance as soon as your winnings arrived which is 480 GBP to the customs office equivalent to your local currency 35,000 INR, so that the diplomat will be allowed to complete the delivery, meanwhile, that is the only money you will pay to get this winnings because due to the rules of this company we have taken charge of every other that has been required by the British Government to make your winnings gets to you on time.

You are advice to follow the instruction of the diplomat as soon as he arrive (Name: Diplomat Adams Cole) because he has other consignment to deliver.

In-case, you are not able to provide the bills for your delivery, please send us an email to notify us, so that we can package the prizes and send them back to sender, that will mean you are automatic forfeiture of claims.

Be informed that your prizes are protected by a HARD COVER INSURANCE POLICY(HCIP), which makes it impossible to deduct any amount from your funds before remitting it to you. This is in accordance with section 13(1)(n) of the British National Gambling act as adopted in 1993 and amended on 3rd July 1996 by the constitutional assembly. Due to this fact, you are expected to make the payment yourself.


Note: Payment should be made as soon as you receive a call from the diplomat for the custom local clearing charges which is 35,000 INR.

Fill the form with your detail for claims.

Full Name:
House Address:
Winning Phone Number:
House Mobile Number:

Please we await your response soonest on this mail.

Get back to us with a scan copy of your ID Card.

Once again,congratulations.

Sir want to know that this is fact or not.

Complainant's Goal: it is fact or not
Complainant's Target: SHELL MOBILE DRAW
Complaint Location: IndiaWest BengalNadia

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Thu, 23 Jul 2009  Message from Helpdesk

This is a fraud, stay away from it, for details read alert notification given on top of your complaint. Also we suggest you to file an FIR in nearest cyber cell police station with all the details.