uniconnect sim pvt ltd - worst service ever

last week by ishaan mahajan in Telecommunications
Very bad experience of using a uniconnect sim card in Dubai. These are super expensive, unlike what they say most of the times. Their network coverage really sucks and if by any chance u need a refund, there is no... Read more

DATA ENTRY it - cheating by data entry

last week by rajesh kumar in Telemarketing
sir,iam rajesh,iam a b.tech student,i got mail from bright data entry where i called them on number 9505302541. he told mr to join my registartion 1600/- on 2nd feb, transfer money from my friend's account, i completed the data entry... Read more

na - Mobile phone got stolen

last week by Raghavendra S in Others
Dear Sir/Madam(Bangalore City Police), As I was traveling in the bus from Sanjaynagar(Residence) to office(Indiranagar) on 13/02/2017 at around 9:00 am, my mobile phone got pick pocketed in the bus. After that number is coming continuously switched off. The mobile... Read more

Rajdeep - Fraud

last week by Akhilesh Keshari in Utility Services
Complaint Details : My relative is studying in SMU. she called to agent for assignment on 01/02/2017. She paid ₹1000/-Online 02/02/17. after some time agent asked him to pay more amount ₹ 3500/- for proper files.. he denied that. he... Read more

Anukriti mishra - Lost my mobile Phone with very personal stuff

1 weeks ago by Anukriti mishra in Mobile and Cell Phones
Samsung Galaxy grand 1 Brown color Lost yesterday at 5 pm from the campus itself ***Contains private pictures and documents*** Plz help me tracking my fone as being a girl it's very sensitive case for me . My cell phone... Read more

Hindustan Private Limited - Hindustan times

1 weeks ago by Divya G in News and Media
Dilip pandey and group is fooling people by taking Rs. 999/- and offering them membership of hindustan times for 12 months in Saket,New Delhi. This group shows fake id cards and offers free gifts as well.... Read more

Indian Railways - refunds

1 weeks ago by BASU BARUA in Indian Railways

paytm is showing vivo v5 for rs 17 but all time it shows payment failed.

Paytm - paytm is showing vivo v5 for rs 17 but all time it shows payment failed.

1 weeks ago by Jaspreet Singh in Consumer Electronics
As i am a regular paytm consumer opened paytm for recharge but i suddenly scroll down and saw that paym is giving vivo v5 (32gb) gold for rs 17 and taking shipping charge i.e rs25. fistly i got shocked but... Read more

eVanik E commerce Solutions - Evanik Software solution

1 weeks ago by deepak goel in Unsolicited Phone Calls
This company Evanik E Commerce Solutions in Sector 48 , Noida is complete fraud. It has taken software contract from me and then stolen my business data and then sold it to my competitors. Now is it sending me telemarketing... Read more

personnal - human rights

2 weeks ago by in Family and Relationships
ది. గౌరవ జిల్లా సూపరింటెండెంట్ ఆఫ్ పొలిసు, ప్రకాశం జిల్లా ఒంగోలు వారికీ నాపేరు జి.శ్రీనివాసరావు, నేను ప్రస్తుతం ఒంగోలుటౌన్లో నివాసం ఉంటున్నాను. నాఅక్కఐన బొడ్డపాటి పద్మవతిది సంతనూతలపాడు మండలంలో చేరిన గుమ్మలంపాడు గ్రామము. నాఅక్క తన భర్తతో వివాదం కారణంగా చాలకాలం పిల్లలతో కలిసి వేరుగా ఉంటుంది. అయితే స్వతహాగా శాడిస్టు లక్షణాలు కలిగిన... Read more

The Professional Couriers. - Staff Behavior

2 weeks ago by G N Hebbar in Utility Services
Staff Behavior From, G. Narayana Hebbar No. 38/15, Ground Floor, West Anjeneya Temple Street, Basavanagudi Bengaluru 560004 Sub: wrong delivery of courier which contain *highly confidential matter.* Sender: C L Madhukar Bangalore *tracking id: BLR 387937124, * Courier send by... Read more

Haryana Roadways - The bus drivers and conductors are doing their own

2 weeks ago by in Public Transportation and Taxi
Requested Authority, I have a serious problems with the Haryana Roadways buses.The problem is that the bus drivers do their own while stopping at bus stoppage.when i was studying in sirsa in 2011,mostly bus conductors said that they can't stop... Read more

mobile service provider - Wrong Recharge Payment Reversal

2 weeks ago by in Mobile Service Providers
I have mistakenly recharge to wrong number i.e 9763567916 of Rs. 200 I have requested customer care for recharge reversal but they didn't help me in it. I have provided all the transaction details but still din't receive any response.... Read more

BAJAJ FINANCE LIMITED, BAJAJ FINSERV - Issues with Insurance OD loan 405SAF33982659 from Bajaj Finance

2 weeks ago by Javed Abdul Rehman Shaikh in Loans All
Have taken an OD loan No - 405SAF33982659 through some DSA and was forced to take insurance at 1%. I wasnt aware that this is optional. However when I received an sms with the option to cancel it within 15... Read more

The Supermarket refuses to accept ten rupee coins

Neo supermarket - The Supermarket refuses to accept ten rupee coins

2 weeks ago by in Retail Stores
Ref Bill no 266963 dated 11 February 2017. The Neo Supermarket refuses to accept 10 rupee coins when I went to buy items. It was neither announced by RBI that they are withdrawaing 10 rupee coin, based on the rumors... Read more