uniconnect sim pvt ltd - Please do not buy uniconnect international sim cards
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Complaint by: athar qureshi10 on March 14, 2017, 3:07 pm in Telecommunications

Please do not buy uniconnect international sim cards – I used them in Shanghai and it was a total rip off. I got billed around 18,000/- for 5 days. And now when I am calling them to share with me the soft copy of my bill again nobody seems to address this matter urgently. But when they had to sell their sim card, everything was treated urgently. Such pathetic approach to services is disgusting. I am not even sure if they would refund the excess amount or not, but am sure of one thing, that nobody that I remotely also know will ever use their sim cards again.

Complainant's Goal: telling about my bad experience
Complainant's Target: uniconnect sim pvt ltd
Complaint Location: India

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