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Address: 602-604, Midas Chambers Opp Laxmi Ind Estate Off Link Road, Andheri ( W ) Mumbai MUMBAI
Phone: +91 22 6152 5666
Email: info@uniconnect.in
Website: http://www.uniconnect.in/

uniconnect sim pvt ltd - Not worth taking Uniconnect Service

last week by lalit singh 78 in Telecommunications
On a friends recommendation I bought a Uniconnect international sim card and totally regeretted it immediately after I started using it. It mite have been good for her but for the European sim card I bought it was a total... Read more

uniconnect sim pvt ltd - The worst customer service to experience is with Uniconnect sim cards

2 weeks ago by ganesh joshi in Telecommunications
Most uninformed staff and extremely rude if you ask them more than 1 question. Their standard response to everything is to divert the customer to the website for everything. We had bought a sim card from Uniconnect and first of... Read more

uniconnect sim pvt ltd - Never using uniconnect Sim again

2 months ago by uttkarsh mehrish in Telecommunications
The uniconnect compwny has the most misinformed and rude staff. I was travelling to the US for work and wanted a bb plan activated on my phone. Apparently in the sales guy mind the plan he sold to me was... Read more

uniconnect sim pvt ltd - Poor handling of requests and inquires at Uniconnect Card’s end

2 months ago by raajdeep singh in Telecommunications
I had called their support number seeking certain information about their European sim card what countries I could use it in and what would be the best plan for me. Despite giving them all the information twice I was asked... Read more

uniconnect sim pvt ltd - Pathetic Services in UK

2 months ago by goenka.surbhi123 in Telecommunications
If you ever happen to come across Uniconnect International sim cards it s a request please do not buy their sim cards. After my experience with their using their sim card in UK I have concluded that carrying my Indian... Read more

uniconnect sim pvt ltd - Worst experience ever of using an international sim card

3 months ago by rajabahadur 857 in Telecommunications
I thought carrying a prepaid Uniconnect international sim card would be a good idea but it turned out to be the most stupidest decision. Whats the point of carrying a sim card that doesn t work. You do whatever call... Read more

uniconnect sim pvt ltd - Disastrous experience with Unniconnect

3 months ago by vidya bajpai in Telecommunications
I frequently fly to China for work and I usually carry my Indian number but this time I thought of using a uniconnect international sim card. I read about their international plans being cheaper and better and according to them... Read more

uniconnect sim pvt ltd - Uniconnect Sim cards are a useless connection

3 months ago by veeraj in Telecommunications
Uniconnect Sim cards are a useless connection I went to Europe and used their european sim as I was travelling to many places in Europe and didn t want to keep multiple sims.. Guys trust me you never want to... Read more

uniconnect sim pvt ltd - Please do not buy uniconnect international sim cards

3 months ago by athar qureshi10 in Telecommunications
Please do not buy uniconnect international sim cards I used them in Shanghai and it was a total rip off. I got billed around 18 000 for 5 days. And now when I am calling them to share with me... Read more

uniconnect sim pvt ltd - Uniconnect Team- Not intrested in business

3 months ago by kushagra puri in Telecommunications
What they say is something that they never deliver. I had inquired about a London sim card from Uniconnect almost 5 days back and after receiving an email from them that someone would call me and help with a sim... Read more

uniconnect sim pvt ltd - Uniconnect-Miscommunicating plans

4 months ago by sakshi miglani in Telecommunications
My family and I went to Dubai for a holiday and my father bought a uniconnect sim card for me and my brother instead of us using the international roaming on our local numbers. Later we realized that it was... Read more

uniconnect sim pvt ltd - Not worth taking uniconnect services

4 months ago by meenaksh singhal in Telecommunications
My friend had used a uniconnect sim card for an official trip and he recommended the same to me for my vacation. On his advice I bought their sim card to use in Germany. I bought their 10 Euros 15... Read more

uniconnect sim pvt ltd - worst service ever

4 months ago by ishaan mahajan in Telecommunications
Very bad experience of using a uniconnect sim card in Dubai. These are super expensive unlike what they say most of the times. Their network coverage really sucks and if by any chance u need a refund there is no... Read more

uniconnect sim pvt ltd - Painful service Uniconnect

4 months ago by Devraj Thakur in Telecommunications
I bought a Canadian sim card from Uniconnect. Biggest mistake ever. I paid almost Rs 5000 for a sim card that wouldn t register its network in Calgary. And getthing through their customer care is a painful task. I mean... Read more

uniconnect sim pvt ltd - Frustated with Uniconnect and the team

4 months ago by harsh nagpal in Telecommunications
Its not the first time that I have traveled abroad or used an international sim card service but today am really frustrated with the services that uniconnect sim cards in providing in Europe. The network is sick and the data... Read more