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Complaint by: meenaksh singhal on February 16, 2017, 3:13 pm in Telecommunications

My friend had used a uniconnect sim card for an official trip and he recommended the same to me for my vacation. On his advice I bought their sim card to use in Germany. I bought their 10 Euros 15 day plan. The plan clearly stated that there is no minimum commitment on it. I had some network difficulty while using the number but managed somehow. I came back, returned the simcard and after almost a month I got a bill which had 500 Rs charged under minimum commitment with the rentals and other adhoc charges. My local calls were charged at 0.20 Euros a minute while they said it was 0.14 euro/minute. There were so many mistakes in the bill which seemed on purpose. Initally their support team refused to take back the bill and accept their mistake until I had to email them what was committed against what was charged. These are clearly NO HASSLE FREE services that uniconnect sims is offering. Terrible first and last time experience.

Complainant's Goal: Informing People
Complainant's Target: uniconnect sim pvt ltd
Complaint Location: India

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