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Complaint by: SUBI B S on September 7, 2018, 3:44 am in Others

i want my money back.

i send money through bank transfer from UBI bank to SBI bank of the sum of 8,600/- indian rupees.
on 6th september 2018 , i got an an sms from, that i have won the lucky draw first prize of tata safari. and they wants to login and check. so i check site they says "" and knows this is true. the mega star ANIL KAPOOR ALSO in that site with giving the prize. after a few minute call from SONU KUMAR MANDAL that this is not cheeting , and you should pay 8600/ for cash transfer of the vehicle's cost or pay 18,200/- for vehicle take as insurance fee. i belives because that, these all from shopclues mail and he also says when i transfer the money to his account
"sonu kmar mandal, A/C no-34441622166(SBI Bank), IFSCode-SBIN0016981" , and the money of the car's cost 12,80,000/- to my A/C without any delay. so i transfer the money. after the successful transfer of money, i send a snapshot to his saying email id. after a few minutes, i have comes a message from GSTTAX that, " money has been transferred to my account , but the transfer has blocked due to not pay the 2% of the money , 25,600/- as GSTTAX." so i contacted the bank and they says this is not true. after i contacted GST officer, he says this is false. they donot send these type of sms. and this man -SONU KUMAR MANDAL will send sms to the officer's number as he not pay gsttax and pay fast. between that he send an sms to me that another account number for send the money as gsttax. so i knows this is cheeting. after 2 hours i get an sms from MD-UBI BANK that "money has been transferred to my account , but the transfer has blocked due to not pay the 2% of the money , 25,600/- as GSTTAX" . so i again contacted the manager, he says this is cheeting. he also puchased some products from shopclues and comes so many messages like this, but he not read these because of his lack of time. sonu threten me earlier i donot take this, they will suit a case against me.
after these i contacted shopclues through facebook chat and they not take any serious about this. so i have a suerty that shopclues also included this cheeting. they earn money from these type cheeting and not online sales.

i buy the products-Order ID: 155951430
Order Placed on Wed, 05 Sep 2018


Order ID: 155951429
Order Placed on Wed, 05 Sep 2018

i buyed so many products from shopclues and the give me lot of troubles earlier. they send wrong products, and brocken one also.

kunal mandal is the man of shopclues, that is damp sure. if not they will pick him and send back my money.

govt. will take action against these type of fake companies and cheeting companies.

i sended the money from my mother's family pension. she is a sick person. her treatment money has taken by shopclues by international level cheeting with anil bhai's picture.

so all of them in the whole universe will avoide the company, because this is a cheating company.

Complainant's Goal: MONEY TAKING
Complainant's Target: shopclues
Complaint Location: IndiaKeralaKollam

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