Club Mahindra - It's impossible to book a holiday during school vacation for Club Mahindra
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Complaint by: Abhijit Mahajan on October 26, 2009, 11:42 am in Travel and Vacations

Fun families forever? It should be \"Making fun of families for ever\".

Club Mahindra used to have four season codes: Purple, Red, Blue, White. But now there are only three. So you cannot buy a Purple season membership. The max you can get is RED.

For all dates that overlap with usual school vacations and best times to visit the place (in terms of weather) fall in the \"Purple\" season category. Only purple season members can book well in advance for these days. So as a \"Red\" member you cannot do anything.

Here is where the problem begins. They say you can \"try\" 15 days in advance to see if you can get accomodation. Now tell me, given the \"exotic\" locations of these resorts, travel has to be planned well in advance. The result, you will never go, since the flight tickets will be WAY more than what you get by advanced purchase. On top of that in RED season the place is never available since there are lakhs of members vying for very few rooms.

The \"RED\" season dates are USELESS since they do not overlap with any school breaks.

This is a complete scam. Beware. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS.

Stay away from these guys. I have made the mistake of wasting my money. You don\'t have to!!

Stay away...stay far far away.

My balance has accured to 19 days now, since I was never able to use it when I wanted to.

At 21 days the accural will stop. Make sure you spend your money wisely.
Don\'t fall for this SCAM.

Complainant's Goal: Written apology, refund of my membership and all amounts paid till date.
Complainant's Target: Club Mahindra
Complaint Location: IndiaKarnatakaBangalore

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