Viridian Red - Is Ashish Bhalla really involved in scams?
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Complaint by: Aloke Bose on January 22, 2018, 1:51 pm in Building and Construction

Hearing about the market rumors even I got influenced but after inquiring about everything I found that Ashish Bhalla is certainly not behind the scams. Competitors are just using his name for their benefit. Vridian Red is a trustworthy brand with global projects like WTC under it's name. WTC is creating new growth stories in Noida, Chandigarh and many other cities.

Complainant's Goal: Ashish Bhalla not involved in scams
Complainant's Target: Viridian Red
Complaint Location: IndiaDelhiNorth West Delhi

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6 days ago  Lokesh

Real estate is a complicated investment option and a lot of factors decide if you are making a right investment or a wrong one. The management of AN Buildwell-SK Hooda and Sunil Gandhi have literally looted innocent investors. And now they are not taking calls or responding to the messages despite repeated attempts. I suggest buyers to not get lured by any tricks. Do your study and research properly.

6 days ago  Shavez

Today these builders do whatever it takes to exploit your imagination and sell you dreams. SK Hooda and Sunil Gandhi are one of them who had promised delivery of flats in Spirewood Project, but delayed the construction. The builders collected a majority of payment, and none of the promoters had responded to calls after that.

last week  Manish Mishra

These days it has become a trend to fool innocent consumers. The buyers have invested their hard-earned money and these frauds SK Hooda and Sunil Gandhi have brutally deceived them. They have used investors' money for their own projects and now running away from the police.

last week  MunishBhatt

I agree with what Mr. Tahir is saying. SK Hooda and Sunil Gandhi have deceived buyers by not providing houses after taking the money for their project. Buyers are still in the hope of getting their first house. They have looted innocent customers and now absconding.

last week  Tahir

The former management team of AN Buildwell was full of frauds. SK Hooda and Sunil Gandhi are the real frauds. They have cheated the innocent investors by not paying the monthly returns and also charging extra apart from registration charges. The aggrieved buyers seek justice.

last week   Message By Complainant Priyank Sharma

Hey Aloke, there is nothing to worry about. Ashish Bhalla is a reputed name and I am an investor in WTC Noida and the brand is trustworthy. This is just marketing gimmicks by his competitors.

1 weeks ago  Risabh

Even I'm an investor and know how trustworthy the brand is and Mr. Ashish Bhalla too. I just can't believe the fact that how foolishly buyers are getting influenced by such false rumors. I trust him and advise people to not to get influenced by these rumors.