Airtel Bharti - Inadequate 2G tower and non-availability of 3G/4G tower reg.
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Complaint by: pritesh571982 on November 3, 2017, 11:02 am in Telecommunications

Inadequate 2G tower and non-availability of 3G/4G tower reg. (Mob. No. +91 9162234393)

Respected Sir,

With due respect I would like to inform you that I am using an Airtel connection, number mentioned in the subject line, since 2009. Moreover, I am continuously using SIM of Airtel communication channel since 1998 while I was student in Delhi. I have an another Airtel number is also, i.e. +91 9831597138 and this SIM is also being used continuously since 2005.

Further, I would like to inform you that my residence is AT BAIJALPUR, PO AMAIYA, PS VIA ASARGANJ, DIST MUNGER, BIHAR-813201 and there are so many issues related to adequate tower frequency in my village along with nearby villages, basically for 3G and 4G.

I am continuously writing to Airtel for more than 2-3 months. Lastly I had written to them in 18.10.2017 regarding the issue but they are not concerned about anything, hence replied as usual, which is attached in a PDF file.

Somehow, Airtel had arranged a survey and only one person was sent to my village. That fellow had reported Airtel team that there is no 3G/4G towers in the area and 2G tower is somehow working for outdoors also but indoor tower situation is poor. This causes often call drop, mostly data broken is often occurred due to broken frequency of networks in that particular area. There are 7 villages associated in our Panchayat (AMAIYA) and more or less all villages are facing network related issues with respect to 3G and 4G.

On 26.10.2017, Ms. Seep Dutt, Customer Care Executive, Bharti Airtel Ltd. had called me and told me that a new cell site (tower) is required in the area and if you can provide us any land/plot (genuine) then kindly drop a lead for that. After that, on the same day in the evening at 6:00 PM I got a call from Airtel Network Team and I was asked entire details about the area and I stated everything truly. Network team was supposed to make a survey within 48 hours regarding planning of a new tower site but they didn't do anything. Instead, Ms. Seep Dutt called me yesterday, i.e. on 02.11.2017 and stated that there are so many things are associated with respect to installation of a tower and we need permission from Govt. also. I told her that where and to whom we have to contact you provide me the details, but she directly refused the things and told me that "nothing can be done right now and this is the best possibility of tower and we cannot improve it anyway".

Sir, I would like to retain your kind concern regarding the issue that why 4G is being provided to all cities in our country properly and not for all villages? Population of our Panchayat is around 10,000 and more tham 2-3000 Airtel connections are being used (rough figure - may vary) in that panchayat but there is nothing done with respect to 3G or 4G tower in the area because we all are associated with village. Why this partiality and neglecting attitude have been followed by Airtel would you like to answer me? I had written to PG GRIEVANCE PORTAL also but nothing could be done because the mentioned place is not a METROPOLITAN area.

Sir, we villagers are also deserving better life-standards and we are achieving them for many aspects also. Earlier, Airtel team had informed us that within 2-3 months, everything shall be done in that area and now they are denying like anything.

Kindly look into the matter to improve rural capabilities, as our government is also has taken so many initiatives to improve life-standards of villages as well as villagers. We all appreciate all initiatives taken for our betterment and thankful to our government and their governance.

Kindly instruct Airtel and team to do the things sharply, as 2G data is also not working fine in the area, mostly for indoor. So, will you suggest all of us to go outside for almost every call and data services? Airtel is doing the same thing, that is instead of providing better services, they are instructing us to go outside of our homes regarding better calling and data services.

We need your support with respect to better services of Airtel and providing a 3G or 4G tower at the earliest please.

With kind regards,

Complainant's Goal: To provide adequate 3G and 4G towers in the area
Complainant's Target: Airtel Bharti
Complaint Location: IndiaBiharMunger

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Fri, 03 Nov 2017   Message By Complainant Pritesh Kumar

Earlier also I have submitted some complaints, but all of them are yet unsolved. kindly look into the matter personally.