Indian Oil Corporation - Impartial selection of dealer for retail Outlet
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Complaint by: Rupali Suryawanshi on October 2, 2012, 6:43 pm in Others

I Rupali K Suryawanshi applied for Retail outlet on Chakan Shikrapur road within 5 km from shikrapur towards shikrapur on sh 55 Jategaon Khurd Taluka Shirur Dist Pune . I own the land at jategaon bearing gut no 51 and 52 and along with that i had attached the 7/12 extract and 8 A for the ownership of the land . The frontage and depth of the land is as per requirement for setting of retail outlet advertised on 14-09-2011 in The Times Of India.The marks allotted to me for the land were zero . Eventhough I own the land for which I should have got 35 marks for the ownership of the land .
For finance, I had submitted all my bank passbook in which it shows the liquid cash along with that I had shown all my fixed deposits and solvency certificates of banks . All calculated amount in liquid cash and FD is more than required in advertisement . Fixed deposits worth Rupees 629420=00 . Bank balance Rupees 1769654=00. Valuation report by Government apporved valuer of immovable property worth Rupees 26100000=00 .
For income, I had submitted all the details income of my business and income documents of my husband .
For Project report , I should have got full marks for as my report shows all the requisite for running Retail Outlet.
Herewith I submit my objection letter for the appointment of dealer at Jategaon Khurd as I was more eligible candidate for the same . I object for why I was not given full marks for ownership of land . I object for not getting marks for finance. As I had shown all the details of my finances .I object for not giving marks for my income .
Therefore, kindly reevaluate the marks given to me and make the impartial judgement for the same .
Rupali K Suryawanshi

Complainant's Goal: Impartial selection of delar for retail outlet
Complainant's Target: Indian Oil Corporation
Complaint Location: IndiaMaharashtraPune

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