Idea Cellular Limited - Illegal disconnection by idea cellular
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Complaint by: winwin79 on August 12, 2013, 11:33 pm in Telecommunications

Dear Sir,

I was customer of the Idea cellular company, the connection being taken by submitting proper documents. My number is 9844473507.

While obtaining the connection, I had submitted the photocopies of photo identity cards, and even at later stages, I co-operated with the company in every manner, every time they required my co-operation. The company disconnected my connection, for no fault of mine, contending that I had not submitted proper documents, while they themselves had told me that submitting any documents is unnecessary as the account details were been verified by me over phone.

1.Mental Harassment by the opposite party.
I have been disconnected from using the connection for the reason that I have not submitted proper documents as per the DoT guidelines. In this connection, I have received the messages (sms) quite a number of times, and while enquiring with the customer care, (I have made quite a number of calls to the customer care) I have been;

repeatedly asked for my account details for which I have repeatedly told my account details, i.e the person in whose name the connection is, the address, Pincode etc. The customer care people told me to ignore the SMS, every time I called them, and told me I need not submit any documents as I have verified my account details over phone.
Now, as my connection is disconnected, I am unable to make calls, and most importantly, I am unable to receive urgent calls on my connection. I have been put under great loss and hardship for no fault of mine.

My grievance is with regard to the disconnection of my mobile connection 9844473507. The issue was complained to the District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum, and the order was in my favour. The Order was to restore the number back to me and pay compensation of Rs. 10000/- and costs of Rs. 3000/-. Non compliance within certain days, an additional compensation of Rs. 20000 is to be paid. Idea cellular has preferred an appeal in the State Commission.
During the time of filing of the Complaint, my connection was activated for a short time and then again disconnected. Later on, it was given to some other customer. But, during the time it was activated for a short time, I had opted for Mobile Number Portability. But, before the portability could take place, the number was given to other customer.

a) Can the connection be given to other customer DURING THE PENDENCY OF THE CASE at the Consumer Forum?
b) Even if it is given, can it be restored back to me if it is proved that it was wrongfully given?

Now on the subject of Mobile number Portability:-

a) When I had opted for Mobile Number Portability and during this period, if my number was given to some other person, what would be the consequences?

Consumer movement has been for quite some time in India. Several decisions have benefited consumers across India. But ironically, MOBILE SUBSCRIBERS are not protected under the Consumer Protection Act.

I request your goodselves to create awareness among consumers and pressurize the authorities so as to pass / amend laws which would protect the mobile consumers who number nearly a billion in India.

Please find attached the copy of Order passed by the District forum and State Commission. I have now preferred Appeal to the National Commission, which copy too is attached herewith.

Now, my request with you is not to approach consumer forums. I have done that. Now the matter is pending before the National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission. My request with you is to help me in the case in any manner best possible. I have fair apprehension that I will not get justice in NCDRC for the presiding officers themselves have said me to go for arbitration.

Thanking you,
Lakshman Bhakta

Complainant's Goal: Re-connection and compensation
Complainant's Target: Idea Cellular Limited
Complaint Location: IndiaKeralaKasaragod

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Tue, 13 Aug 2013 - Business Reply from - Idea Cellular (Idea Cellular Limited)

Dear Customer,

We regret the inconvenience caused to you. May we request you to reply to us with your complete account details such as Full name, mobile no. and alternate contact number.

Thanks & Regards,
Idea Cellular