Flipkart Internet Private Limited - Flipkrt Mi3 fault and its Proven
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Complaint by: Abhii1902 on September 6, 2014, 8:08 am in Online Shopping

Mi3 not added to cart after showing congratulations message then I complained Flip kart Complaint id 140827-010547 after for days of repeated efforts and complaints and various call to them they finally added product to cart but now I need product free of cost as the fault was of Flip kart and its proved which resulted in Mental trauma and so much efforts and time also taken their castor service don't have the politeness to speak to consumer I need immediate action taken against them and cancel their licence if they don't provide the product free of cost 'Mi3 fault was ours and its proved follow me on twitter 'PsyAvi' and check My tweets everything will be clear Complaint id 140827-010547 and also I have proof of 3 or four times Flip kart Mismanagement issue today they called me for one month back order OD40722001708 to confirm order delivered or not two times and they are not sure about it it was delivered on 28th july This created confusion and havoc but I kept My cool and helped them every bit Now I want u to provide a Mi3 free to Me as fault was all ours and Proved it causes Me mental trauma, Time and efforts to provide u all those images u did two times before also same thing but I don't have pic to prove Myself right now I have Im wrriting all this in best regard to Flip kart ceo and hope they will provide what I need I hope a 1 billion compaany can stand by its reputation and provide solution asap Thank u for ur valuable time' The mail I sent them but no reply from them till now Its been proved that all the fault was of Flip kart and I have all those proofs also of Flip kart mismanagement for 3 or 4 times Which resulted in havoc and Confusion and ultimately Mental Trauma to consumer They irritated me to the core by not providing solution and time and efforts also required to follow up all this I want Rs 50000 and free Mi3 from them as a compensation asap
My Recent order id so flipkart can contact me-OD40905011217

Complainant's Goal: I want Rs 50000 and Mi3 from flipkart as Compensation
Complainant's Target: Flipkart Internet Private Limited
Complaint Location: IndiaJharkhandEast Singhbhum

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