Mountain Club Resorts - False commitment for selling Time Share Membership of Mountain Club Resorts
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Complaint by: Anshul Kumar on July 1, 2016, 12:53 am in Vacation and Hotels

Tellicaller called me on phone to tell me that I am the lucky one chosen out of a draw, and I won a 3 nights and 4 days absolutely free stay in one of their 10 resorts across India. There would be absolutely no charges to be paid by you except travel or if any food taken. Also no Taxes need to be paid. I specially asked if I have any obligation to pay any sort of amount, they said NO.
All I have to do is to go with my wife to collect the Voucher and spend 45 minutes there to understand How to redeem it.
The place is almost an hour distance from my place taking the traffic into consideration.
We reached there only to find them total FRAUD. They pressurised us to take their membership and taken our 2 hours but didn't told us anything about that voucher. After very much argument they finally gave us the Voucher where it was written that you have to take Compulsory Meal from the Hotel @1200 per person per day. That comes out to be 1200*3*3= 10800 for 3 days 3 person.
Why would I pay it......I have never gone there if that told me such Condition beforehand.
I and my wife had taken a full day leave just to find this Fraud and False tellicalling of this Bogus company. Later after coming back, I searched on internet about this company and found that this same company Mountain Club Resorts used to operate earlier as Club Group of Hotels and there are many complaints about this company and now they changed their name as Mountain Club Resorts and again started to fool people. My purpose to highlight this issue is only to make people aware about this Fraud. Don't go there.

Complainant's Goal: Fraud company, False promises, Misleading commitment..
Complainant's Target: Mountain Club Resorts
Complaint Location: IndiaUttar PradeshGhaziabad

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2 months ago  Nidhi arora

Same thing happened with us also.they called us saying that u have won lucky draw ,come n collect free coupon in shop no 17 in Shipra mall in noida.After we reached ,they gave 1 hr presentation and after that start forcing us to take membership.when we said that we can't take on the spot decision ,they started misbehaving .one person Mr.Ajit and other one their manager(having beard) started making fun of us.Can any reputed company can force potential customers to take their products even without knowing it properly.Dont knw how Shipra mall has given space to these frauds.


3 months ago  Dinesh Dhar

I had also taken the Mountain Club resort membership. I have had bad experience with them . I asked them multiple times to confirm my booking in time of the resort's bit they always failed to provide the service. I want to take it further and file a case against their company and for non providing service to me as they have promised earlier at the time of taking money from me. Please contact me who all want to file a case against the Mountain Club Resorts., cell no. 7982301511

4 months ago  Saraswati Sundas

Okay, so We have also signed up for this Mountain Club Resort membership. You can imagine with the kind of brain washing they do under time constraints, one is definitely bound to get trapped. One way it is for fault to fall prey to the scam (if it is). Most of like us to travel and Yes, their offers were good. But now, I am contemplating, if such a thing has been going on, why hasn't the Police or Media not been approached. A lot of innocent's hard earned money is at stake and I would like to pitch for a initiative to end it. Please anyone who has been a victim to this scam, we need to do something. It would really be of great HELP, if you come forward.

Contact me here!!

5 months ago  Ankit Dixit

Thanks for sharing your experience with us.