TGS construction pvt ltd - Cheating & Fraud
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Complaint by: VijayaPrakash on March 2, 2017, 7:33 pm in Building and Construction

I the undersigned working as a public servant in HMT Machine Tools limited kindly bring to your notice as below,
I in the year 2015,December month received a call from TGS Constructions representative for an offer to Maldives Project.Thereby I visited Yelanka office and Shri.Dilip Kumar,Territory Manager (then ph no. 7899828144) gave me an offer for a flat in Maldives Project of 1400 Sq.feet for value of Rs.3150000.00 (Rupees Thirty one Lakh fifty Thousand only) and an advance amount of Rs.100000 ( Rupees One Lakh ) was paid thru.Cheque no.447232 dated 29..12.2015 with an agreement to pay another three installments.In January 2016 an amount of Rs.845000 ( Rupees Eight Lakhs Forty Five Thousand only) was paid thru Cheque no.447233 & 212699 dated 25.1.2016.
With a close monitoring with one CRM Smt.Sututi (then 7353757258 ) kept on saying the project will start in due course and telling delay in making payment to land owner and it will be solved anytime.In the month of july'2016 they told that everything is settled and project is going to start in october'16
But,the project was not started as they told and we requested many times to cancel our booking and refund the same,but Smt.Sututi CRM told it will start in any time so please do not cancel like that.
In the month November'2016 ,Smt Sututi told they have a meeting with director and told us to discuss.We met Sututi only on the day but director was not there and lot of disturbance was going where other customers were demanding for delay in starting project,refund of payments etc.Smt.Sututi told us she as changed her phone no. ( 9108962449 ) and gave us to contact her will decide in a day or two.
Smt.Sututi CRM responded for two days and told she will inform the date and time to meet the director.But,to our surprise all the phones mentioned above are not in working condition as on date.
Yesterday,when I personally went to their office,office is locked and the nearby shop keepers telling they have left the place.
We presume that TGS Construction wants to cheat the common people like us and they have runaway with our hard earned money.
In this regard,I seek your help to find out the whereabouts of TGS Construction owner and help us in refund of our hard earned money.
Please keep up the belief we have with Bangalore Police and help us.
Kindly register my case as a cheating and fraud and see to that justice is prevailed.I have attached copy of the receipts made to TGS Construction.
Please register the complaint and ackowledge the same to my mail id
Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,
C.S.Vijaya Prakash,

Complainant's Goal: To get the Justice and punish the culprit and get our hard earned money refunded
Complainant's Target: TGS construction pvt ltd
Complaint Location: IndiaKarnatakaBangalore

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Recent Comments
Tue, 04 Apr 2017  sarada M

In the same way I have invested in TGS Milan project Rd.1760000 and Oakland project Rs.1310000 for my two daughters ! Now struggling to get back my money ! Can anyone help ?

Fri, 03 Mar 2017  Chandrashekar Kshirsagar

I have invested my hard earn money of my life savings in this company.

They keep delaying the start date. One day i got frustrated and spoke to CRM then i realized they are doing this to all customers.

I have spent more than 8 lacs as a down payment and was promised a flat in Hebbal with property name as TGS Melbourne.

If anyone who has invested in TGS Melbourne and looking for refund then please call me on 8867855339.

We are working as a team to catch Sachin nayak and his wife Mandeep kaur to return our money back.

Feel free to contact me any time.