Godrej India - Cheating by the Godrej AC Service Center
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Complaint by: Ravindra Singh Gusain on September 9, 2015, 3:08 am in Home and Garden

We purchased Godrej A/C GSC 12FR3 WNC(0) Chasis# 1491001227 on 02/06/2014 from Snehanjali Mira Road East.
For the first two months whenever we used the A/C at 26 degrees it cooled the entire room. But after two months the cooling started getting worse, we had to set the temperature at 20-22 degrees for it to cool correctly. During the warranty period for servicing the A/C people from "Seagull service center" visited my home and when I complained regarding cooling this was their answer "Sir, cooling depends on the outside temperature, A/C has to run on 23 degrees, if you want more cooling, use it at 20-22 degrees". I had bought it during the summer season and hence can understand that the cooling depends on outside temperature. But what about during the winter season, when the outside temperature is not hot or humid?

For that question, they never had an answer. They would just come with a blower machine. Would blow air into the machine that was kept on the window grill and then wash the filters, give me the bill and go off without a solution. Another maintenance happened on 5/11/2014 and the same answer given to me regarding cooling. After my warranty ended all of a sudden the A/C remote stopped working and I had to raise a complain for which they sent another technician from Gennext Services. He repaired the remote and charged me Rs. 450 for the service. According to him the solution for cooling was the "Capacitor" which was faulty and needs to be repaired before it burnt out. The cost of which is Rs. 1300.

Now since the A/C was out of warranty, he suggested me to get AMC from Gennext for which he would charge me Rs. 1900 and will replace the Capacitor within the renewed AMC. I was getting ready to pay him that money for the capacitor when a couple of days ago I received a call from Godrej call center asking me to renew my warranty for 3 years for a price of Rs. 5220. When I complained them about the cooling issue, the representative said his supervisor will call me back regarding my concern. His supervisor called me on 27th August 2015. I tried to explain him the entire issue but for the entire part of the conversation he kept repeating the same thing "Sir your A/C is out of warranty and we cannot repair any part for free, you have to take the AMC contract", when I asked him to provide me the details of all the services that happened on my A/C during warranty period, he declined to provide me any of that information. His name Kalan from Vikhroli.

I again put a request on Godrej website for cooling issue and this time again another technician from Gennext visited my house and this time a new version was given to me. "Sir the A/C gas is leaking and needs to be refilled. It will be charged at Rs. 1200". Once the gas is filled it will work properly. But he had no answers to my questions like - what if the gas leaks again or is it harmful for humans.

My concerns are - why didn't the technicians who serviced the A/C during the warranty period tell me that the parts were faulty, why didn't they change them.
- These service centers are being maintained by Godrej, so when they visit my home they are Godrej companies representatives and they are a face to the company, why did they cheat.
- Are these service centers even qualified to service the A/C

I have already spent money on the service of the AC by Gennext service center. How much more money should I pay for the AC.

Name - Ravindra Singh Gusain
Cell# 9930096748 / 9967696748
email: gusain_ravi@hotmail.com
Location - Mira Road East

Complainant's Goal: Resolve cooling issue with the Split AC or replace.
Complainant's Target: Godrej India
Complaint Location: IndiaMaharashtraThane

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Mon, 19 Oct 2015 - Business Reply from - Godrej Appliances (Godrej India)

Dear Ravindra Singh Gusain,

We are extremely sorry to hear about your experience. We would like to take this opportunity to resolve your complaint regarding our product/service.

If you have already logged a complaint with our customer care center, please provide the 10 digit complaint number. Incase you have not yet registered your complaint; you can do the same by calling us on our toll free number 1800-209-5511.

Godrej Appliances Team.