Airtel Delhi - Airtel is hands in glove with telemarketers

4 months ago by deepak goel in Unsolicited Phone Calls
My Airtel number is registered with National Do Not Call registry since 29 7 2017 with registration number S1700378241. But Airtel is refusing to admit the fact that my number is registered with NDNC. On 14 8 2017 I received... Read more



4 months ago by Suman Prakash in Online Shopping
Hello My name is Suman . I found an advertisement on Facebook and booked Finishing Touch Hair Remover 1 on 1st July to Merchest Outlet and i got confirmation from them giving order Confirmation as 7753 through their email id... Read more

Frozen Food Shop - Deep Freezer Secuity Deposit Not Return

4 months ago by Tarun Rathi in Business and Finances
Dear Sir I have started my business of Frozen Food in November 2003.At that time I had taken a Deep Freezer from Venkey s India Ltd. against a security deposit of 15000 by draft. After a long time now I... Read more - is a chor company

4 months ago by deepak goel in Unsolicited Phone Calls
Yuvraj Singh company Healthians sends me sms every saturday for blood test package....every week I complain to TRAI about this telemarketing sms...every week I call up the number in the sms and say I want the blood test and give... Read more

Very bad Sbeta technology web designer

Sbeta Technology - Very bad Sbeta technology web designer

4 months ago by deepak goel in Hosting and Web Design
Sbeta Technology webs designer in east Delhi charged me money for designing my website but did not design it. When I got my site designed by another designer Sbeta owner Satyendra Branwal started claiming in in the promotional material of... Read more


5 months ago by Gauransh Chawla in Government and Police
Complaint Ref No 90291 at customer care I bought a TVS scooty on 2nd July started facing Self start issue after launching complaint Ref No 90291 scooty has visited workshop 3 times but problem remain the same. SEEMS BUYING A... Read more


5 months ago by vijay tangri in Consumer Electronics
I Hhave been delivered a dead nano coller by the company against payment of INR 1499 for order number 351736... Read more

awings and canopies -

6 months ago by victory in Utility Services
i feel really sorry to say that one company from executive mr. sunil always call me to take his tender and speaks loudly and rough in phone. always he speaks unwanted words in phone. pls. take care i am... Read more

ICICI Bank Limited - ICICI bank is chor

6 months ago by deepak goel in Banking and Finance
This bank is chor... i have a savings ac with this bank and so this bank thinks it can call me every week and force me take a credit card...when I refuse banks officials start misbehaving...There is this Official by... Read more



6 months ago by Anam shaikh in Computers and Accessories
Respected Sir I purchased a laptop DELL INS.5559 I3 6TH 4 1TB W10 SLVR OFFICE from EUROTECH INFOSYS DELL EXCLUSIVE G 2 ASHOK BHAWAN 93 NEHRU PLACE NEW DELHI 110019 on 3 N0V 2016 . I found that my laptop... Read more

Vishnu Stock Consultancy - Chor Vishnu Stock consultancy

7 months ago by deepak goel in Unsolicited Phone Calls
The Vishnu Stock Consultancy is a fraud company in Ahmedabad Gujarat. They took Rs 45000 from me and said they will invest in stock market on my behalf. Now they have vanished. They have not even mentioned their address on... Read more

Equicom Financial Research Pvt Ltd - Equicom Financial Research Pvt Ltd is Fraud

7 months ago by deepak goel in Unsolicited Phone Calls
This research firm had taken Rs 30 000 from me to invest in stock market but has run away after taking my money....avoid this company at any cost. This company also makes telemarketing calls. The address of the company is... Read more - travel company

7 months ago by deepak goel in Unsolicited Phone Calls is a chor company. They promise something else and give something else. They have not refunded the booking amount of my friend even after full assurance at the time of taking money that they will refund the amount if... Read more

Idea Cellular NCR - Idea Cellular is a chor company

8 months ago by Ajay Jogi in Telecommunications
Idea is a chor company...I am not using my Idea connection too much so I get 1 sms everyday that my number will be disconnected...... Read more

ICICI Lombard - ICICI Lombard is a chor company

8 months ago by deepak goel in Insurance All
ICICI Lombard is a fraud company...I got insurance from ICICI Lombard and now the company is not paying me the insured amount ...... Read more