LG Electronics India - Against the LG service engineer who cheats LG clients -Pankit Shah (07567887945)
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Complaint by: Ankur Sinha on December 26, 2017, 4:49 pm in Consumer Electronics

I have a LG washing machine. Few days back on 12th or 13th December 2017 I registered a complaint that my washing machine was not working (water was not flowing in the tank). An engineer, named Pankit Shah (contact no 07567887945), visited my house. After checking everything he said estimated cost of about Rs 2200 for replacing some parts. We said thats too much pls check & diagnose the actual issue to reduce the expense. HE SUGGESTED TO CLOSE THE REQUEST SO THAT HE WILL GET Rs.70 FROM VISIT CHARGES & THAN HE WILL COME OFFLINE & RESOLVE THE ISSUE IN ABOUT 1800 . We thought he is familiar with this way of working, we said okay but we were not at all aware that we will not get bill for anything or any part. He visited later & replaced the water dispensing part. That part was not sealed pack neither any bill was given for that. After replacing the part, he gave me the demo where as soon as we switch on the power supply, tank starts rotating. Than he said that main switch board of machine has got some issues & that need to be serviced. I said that we need machine regularly & can not leave it close. Surprisingly he was carrying a display circuit of the same model in his bag (with his name written on it with pen) which he mentioned as one of another client who is out of town so he can fit that in to my machine by the time my machine's circuit gets repaired. after 2 or 3 days he came back stating my machine's circuit is repaired & its working fine now. He placed that & left. On very next day my machine's sensor stopped working & now there is no voice in to it of task completion. Today again he visited & said machine's speakers have got water in to that & they need to changed.
This is utter harassment to client & cheating to LG company. This engineer of yours is taking money from you also (none of my business & m least bothered) & cheating clients as well (thats my point). Before his visit only the water dispensing issue & after his visit water dispensing, main display circuit & now the speakers, everything is damaged in a span of 4 days. i need your strict actions against the engineer & I need compensation against this harassment with proper & complete repair to my washing machine. I have been a loyal client & a great admirer of LG & its customer service but this guy has shown me the real face of your customer service. He has given his contact details to all my society's LG clients for all products for direct services.
If my this request is not taken in to serious consideration, I will not think twice to reach to your MD & than to social media.
I am Ankur Sinha & reachable at 9979480450.

Complainant's Goal: Compensation to the damage to my product
Complainant's Target: LG Electronics India
Complaint Location: IndiaGujaratAhmedabad

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8 months ago   Message By Complainant Ankur Sinha

on above complaint, i got a call from some Mr. Rahul Sharma, who claimed himself to be the HR person. There have been lot of flashy commitments on resolution of my complaint but after few days, have blocked my no. this is absolutely unprofessional & astonishing.
Rahul Sharma - 08637864618.

this is how LG is treating its customer. Even, so called, HR is partying to it.

8 months ago   Message By Complainant Ankur Sinha

why there had been no response & actions on my complaint? Is LG not bothered about its customer satisfactions?