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Complaint by: Vishal Kashyap on December 27, 2017, 5:40 pm in Internet Related

It started with the Linkedin post by this girl for work from home base job, as i was in need of somejobs like that i showed my interest, They contacted me and said that they are in India and its US base job where they will provide 3000 oan approval forms of US and that would be in image i have to type it and fill the details shown in the image . Which i agreed , they asked me to purchase the ID with 10,000 Rupee which is 156$ . I asked my organisation for advance salary and paid them in Novemeber . Bank Details:

Bank Name: AXIS BANK


Bank Account Number: 917020061321398

Bank Branch - Kharvasa

IFSC Code- UTIB0002218. I paid through bank . The moment i paid the deposited the money they aasked for 20% more as a tax, which i disagree and asked to refund my money , they said that its ok , they will deduct at the time of payment. they gave me the ID , they send me an email through> these different email addresses, but now when i was trapped and my money was stuck, so i have no choice to work for them so that i may get my money back as i took loan from my organisation. Me and my wife worked day and night and completed those forms and then there fraud thing started . they stopped answering my phone , then they send me an email saying that we have terminated your ID due to multiple use of Ip address. ( I use to work from home as well from my office , as well some time the interenet connection use to be different . ) so just not to pay back the money they created this reason. Which is clearly false. there are 2 contacts where i use to talk to Raghave ( fake name ) - +919898879444 , +91 7726012877. I requested them to atleast return my money which i took loan and paid them . They have stopped responding on email as well not answring calls. I need justice . They threated me yesterday when i called them for delay , they said if i will complain then they will put me in trouble. i am scared on both sides now. that the reason i have not mentioned my name and details.


Helpline No: +91 8155001203

Helpline Mail id: i have gathered all these information. please take a serious action and stop this ilegal business . My earnings are hand to mouth , i have a daughetr i was interested in these business so that i may earn some money for my child future. but over here ive been cheated . please help me.

Complainant's Goal: I want my money back
Complaint Location: IndiaGujaratSurat

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