Star hospitals - Very careless and unconstitutional and dangerous practices from Star hospital.
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Complaint by: Siva on August 19, 2016, 9:06 am in Health and Medical Stores

Dear sir/madam,
Subject: Very careless and unconstitutional and dangerous practices from Star hospital.

My father's name Rama Rao, (IP1501000425) admitted in Star hospital, Hyderabad on 23/01/2015 and expired on 08/02/2015.
This hospital management and doctors are harassing us with fake reports and not giving all the reports and details even after taking almost 12 lakhs of money from us.

My father died in this hospital last year. During the treatment, they told many lies. When we asked for reports, they told they would give later after discharge.

After my father's death, they told that they would give later. When we went later, they didn't give all the reports and gave death summary with false information.

Tracheostomy: Initially their chief surgeon Gopichand told my father would die two minutes, if tracheostomy was not done. Then we signed on consent form for tracheostomy but they did not do the surgery.

When I asked about it they told that they lost the consent form. We signed on it again.

After that, they did not do it for two days. They told tracheostomy was not required as my father was recovered.

Later they my father's condition became critical then they told tracheostomy might have been done.

In the death report, they blamed us that we did not agree for the tracheostomy so they did not do it.

When I called them and asked about it then they told that it was their mistake and asked me to come to the hospital to correct it.

When I asked them to send reply to my mail the MD told that their hospital policy would not allow them to send replies.

Like this, they told lies and acted unethically and unprofessionally.

CRRT price: They told that the charges were 1, 00,000 80,000 and 60,000 rupees respectively for three days cycle. They collected 3, 40,000 rupees in total for 4 days.

But in the bill they just mentioned the charges about 50,000 rupees only for 4 days.

Nefrologist Jyothsna objected to go to insurance. She demanded to pay cash only.

Insurance: They told if we pay direct cash then it would be lesser, after we paid around (direct cash + medicines) 6-7 lakh rupees then they told us insurance would be lesser. And then, they took 5 lakh rupees using insurance.

Money-minded tests: My father was tested for sugar tests and creatinine tests and many other tests many times but they did not give the reports to us but only charged money from us. But in the summary report, these tests were mentioned only few times.

Whether they really tested or took money from us we don’t know. But they did not give any details about the results and even medication given to my father.
They tested ECG 3 times within 15 minutes.

Unethical practices: The doctor directly told my father that the bypass surgery was inevitable when he was admitted with severe heart attack.

My father got frightened in that situation then the doctors made him waiting for 10 hours in ICU and made us waiting outside telling that he would be sent to normal ward in 30 minutes. He waited for 10 hours without talking to others and without taking food.

He was alone and none was talking with to share his pain. My father requested to send him out or to normal ward but the doctors did not listen and not even answer his concerns. With this ental pressure and 10 hour waiting he got second heart attack.

This is the major reason for my father’s death.
When we asked the doctor why he was kept in ICU the duty doctor told that he did not know the reason.

Unprofessionalism: We paid almost 12 lakh rupees to them.
They told that they did so many tests and took money but they did not give all the test reports. When I asked them after my father’s death they told that they would give later. When we went later, they did not give all the reports. They gave few reports and a fake death report.

When I sent them mails, called them and then they said that I would need to come to hospital and give application by hand.

Why should I give hand written application to get our reports?

When I sent RTI application for the reports, they rejected to give information saying it is not applicable.

Illegal: They are collecting 2% surcharge for credit card, debit card payments.

They are collecting different charges for the same test in different wards and different payment modes (cash and insurance).

How can they charge same person, same test differently?
Some of the reports gave impression that they had kept and treated my father for 24 hours after death for money additional rs. 1,00,000 money.

I contacted hospital many times to get the clarifications and asked for all the reports. They said that they did not know and not ready to respond to my mails.
I complained to state and central health departments, medical associations, human rights commissions, insurance and RBI authorities. But no action was taken on this hospital or management. I even sought help fro NGOs.
Please look into this and take necessary action on this hospital.


Complainant's Goal: To get the justice for my father's death
Complainant's Target: Star hospitals
Complaint Location: IndiaAndhra PradeshHyderabad

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Sat, 27 Aug 2016   Message By Complainant రామిశెట్టి శివరామకృష్ణ

They are refusing to give casesheet, bills and all the test reports. As per the given bills, some of the tests were done after death. How should we proceed to get all the details from the hospital?

Sat, 20 Aug 2016   Message By Complainant రామిశెట్టి శివరామకృష్ణ

One example of their greedy money making test is, they did 3 ECG tests and 1 diabetic test after death. Like this, the Star hospital doctors did many things, which would be 5,6 pages. Using their political and financial power, they want to suppress the facts. That's w they did not give all the test reports.