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Complaint by: rajini on February 5, 2014, 7:02 pm in Lawyers and Attorneys

MR. STEPHEN SEN, an Advocate, Hdyerabad, is a son of Former DGP son of AP, who claimed to be an honest lawyer and well connected influential person. He promised to offer a Property settlement and collected Rs1.5Lakhs from us under the condition, if he can not settle the issue in 45days, he will fully refund the money. Since his father is well known, we did not think he cheats us. He is also supposed to be a Christian Church member. I am a lady, NRI He took total advanatge of me and my husband.
Unfortunately, a few days after we paid the money he took off with family for vaction to Singapore or Hongkong. Then months are gone by he has not done any thing. I went to his house one days to ask for a refund. He refuse to come out. I sat at his front door for 8hrs. He finally called me on the phone asked me for s week time. Then again 3 months gone by he never refunded the money. Now, he says he paid some one else and they ran away with that money. I said, I gave you check and you clearly stated I am responsible to pay you back. Now, How am I responsible to collect from a stranger I do not know??? besides I am lady. Then, I threatened him that I will inform the church and his father. I went to his father, he also pretended like he does not know any thing and did not take any action. It has been 2 and half years. This so called attorney and a Christian man changes his tel no and never goes to church. If he does go to church goes there late and runs off before it is over. He also hides from public. He can cheat me as a lady and NRI, but God is not going to put up with this idiot.
Ps do not do any business with this cheater. Never trust this guys sweet promises which he can not perform. He is a Lier, cheater, fraud and 420scammer, who uses his Fathers name and threatens people with his false accusations and lives off of peoples hard earned money. And he has his fathers protection and influence to cheat people to enjoy a luxurious life. He has no shame.

Complainant's Goal: to stop paying any upfront fees to the lawyers who does not perfrom and steals.
Complaint Location: IndiaAndhra Pradesh

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