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Complaint by: MALINI CHAUDHRI on September 4, 2015, 3:35 pm in Family and Relationships

In November 2014 the family, namely Indra Chaudhri (mother of complainant), Ranjit Chaudhri (brother) and Kamini Wahi (sister), united in a conspiracy to damage the complainant, Malini Chaudhri, stop her allowance under HUF, and to attempt dispossession of her delhi self acquired apartment,. When a meeting in Delhi failed, they conspired further to file a case on false grounds in a kolkata district court, where I had no funds or means to defend myself.

Other influence and support has been used against me, which has increased violence, including from police.

At Saket District Family court, my case was admitted and certified, but I had no hearing since seven months.

I am in urgent need of my allowance as I manage a building, and my work is being stopped.

My plea is for restoring the dues I am due of Rs 45,000, which was the compromise settlement for no execution of my share of the will. My brother and family have resorted to devious means and false allegations, rather than manage mediation. This has been stopped since 2014. Other court expenses and damages have to be reimbursed,

Therefore I require to file a case fully with evidence on the matter

Complainant's Goal: HUF. To manage the execution of the inheritance and monthly allowance
Complainant's Target: HUF. KARTA
Complaint Location: IndiaDelhi

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