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Complaint by: UDAY Homz Pvt. Ltd. on January 10, 2018, 10:19 am in Real Estate

UDAY Homz Pvt Ltd (popular as UDAYHomz.com) is Gurgaon and Noida based real estate consultant company offering investment solutions in residential and commercial properties. UDAY Homz Pvt Ltd Gurgaon have large team of sales professionals who work hard in understanding customer requirements and helping them in finding best investment solutions in Gurgaon and Noida. Mr. Dinesh Kumar, Director of UDAY Homz Private Limited with 10+ year experience in real estate market have clear vision to make transparency and trust between buyers and builders. While discussing UDAY Homz Pvt Ltd, we can not miss out great contribution of Mr. Gaurav Yadav, UDAY Homz reached at high standards of its customer satisfaction and market reputation in Gurgaon, Bhiwadi and Noida.

Mission & Vision:
As a team of young and dynamic sales professionals, marketing professionals and IT engineers, our mission is making real estate market more simple and transparent for people who are looking for home and investment opportunity. We want to make real estate things simple and easy for everyone who shows interest in Gurgaon and Noida real estate market. In guidence of Mr. Gaurav Yadav UDAY Homz trying to develop great bond between real estate developers and people who want to buy property in Noida and Gurgaon.

UDAY Homz Pvt Ltd Gurgaon
UDAY Homz Pvt. Ltd. headquartered in Gurgaon since 2012, having good presence in real estate market. While working in Gurgaon real estate market, UDAY Homz earned a lot of recognizations, reviews and rewards for its contribution in real estate industry. People may have questions and complaints againts UDAY Homz Pvt. Ltd. and for that we have special segments as UDAY Homz Complaints Board where we consider all queries and issues people faced while working with UDAY Homz Pvt. Ltd. Gurgaon.

UDAY Homz Pvt Ltd Noida
UDAY Homz Pvt. Ltd. Noida office was estabilsed in Sector-2, Noida in 2014, And the best team of sales experts are available to deliver transparent solutions for Noida customer base. In Noida we working with reputed real estate developers and helping in connecting buyers with best and reliable options. UDAY Homz Noida office is fully loaded with IT and marketing professionals to present best and growing view of Noida real estate market. UDAY Homz Pvt Ltd Company in Noida is one of the fastest growing startup of its time giving competition to big real estate players.

UDAY Homz Pvt. Ltd. Career
UDAY Homz Private Limited have professional and big team of IT and sales persons. We have dedicated department for each work, sales, digital marketing, telecallers, IT support, administration, HR and other support staff. If you are looking for career in real estate and search for UDAY Homz jobs. You can apply at UDAYHomz.com and also find employee reviews, employee saleries, interview questions and much more rating options by search UDAY Homz Glassdoor.

UDAY Homz Pvt Ltd Reviews
Find more about us on Google using UDAYHomz.com, we have good presence at most social platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Youtube. You can read customer reviews, customers complaints, customer queries at our social platforms.

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Reach UDAY Homz Pvt Ltd
If you have any queries and complaints against UDAY Homz Pvt Ltd, You can reach is at 09999530230 and reachus@udayhomz.com

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