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Complaint by: S S Raghuwanshi on August 15, 2017, 5:52 pm in Education and Schools

In today's age of customer centric service industry, I have my worst experience with shopforschool. I have ordered books and uniforms on 09.04.17 with full online advance payment but to my dismay, nothing was delivered for next ten days. Upon lots of persuation and follow ups with shopforschool, shipyaari and fedex, at last, i have to pickup the books only from fedex warehouse. Still the uniforms were not delivered.
The helpline number of the shopforschool was useless and the boys and girls sitting there are not at all concern with the concerns of customers. They will just repeat the sentences mugged that they have noted the complaint and will forward to the dispatch section. They do not have any clue or information regarding the dispatch date, status of order etc. All the time they gave assurance that the uniforms will be delivered in two to three days.

Also other than customer phone number ( which took a lot of time to be getting connected to useless representatives due to ques), one email ID was the only given contact point. However all the times I have mailed on the customer care email ID, i have not got any response. They simply dont care to reply or solve problem of customer.

I have ultimately contacted school principal in writing ( through email) regarding the problem. However it took two months for the school to get the issue resolved and i got delivery of the uniform in the month of July ( after passing of one and half month of opening of school).I have got the uniforms after more than three months after placing of order. Upon receiving the consignment, I was confident the shopforschool cannot deliver the right things. That was right. They have delivered wrong pants and shirts. However school helped me to exchange the same.

With all my experience, i got that never take service of shopforschool because it will not be a service but a nightmare. Due to compulsion put up by school for purchase from this site only, you should place order with cash on delivery only.

I have also got clue that it is just a front company of school management for selling of merchandises and books as high court ha directed CBSE schools not to be involved in such commercial activities. However schools are smart enough to surpass such directives. Also the books are not made available in open market but only on this site that is making the things worst and making the intention of profiteering very clear by the school.

Also the logo of shopforschool is very similar to that of school. The email ids used by the employees of shopforschool is in same domain as of the school. That makes it very clear.

Lest hope such malpractices by schools and harassement of parents will be stopped in future ( although it will not happen just by hoping.)

Complainant's Goal: To release my frustration and to make aware other parents
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Complaint Location: India

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