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Complaint by: pmssp on December 5, 2017, 11:59 am in Others

I agreed to do the job of typing E-Book with a company named 'Achievers Planners Private Limited',
( Red Fort Capital Parsvnath Tower(Regus) 1st Floor Gole Market, Connaught Place, New Delhi - 110001).
The agreement was to type 200 pages (A4 sized) and submit the same within 15 days. They collected Rs 5000/- as security
from me and told me that, if you submit the same after the
stipulated time or with more than 20% mistake, the project will be cancelled and the amount will not be refunded.
They promised me to pay Rs 90/- per page. But instead of sending A4 sized papers they send me legal sized papers
which contain around 750 words per sheet.
They have shown me a normal copy of a book as a demo and actually send me a document which is difficult to read.
I doubt the document they send me is for making it as an E-Book. Because the same was in a typed format without any

page number or proper paragraphing. Considering the size of page and font style, in order to complete one paper,
it will take at least 45 minutes to 1 hour. In order to complete the work, a person has to work at least around 10 - 12
hours daily.

I have completed the project on time by working around 10 - 15 hours on a daily basis and submitted the same.
Now they are saying that there cannot be more than 25 mistakes(including spacing, words, etc...) in the whole document
of 200 pages( ie, around 1.5 lakh words).
They have cancelled my project and not paid any amount (including
the security amount of 5000/-).
Majority of the people who are enrolling in this company are students and unemployed youths, as they are an easy

for this kind of fraud. First of all,it is very difficult to complete the project on time and if you submit the project on time,

they reject your whole work saying that it consists of more​ ​
than 25 mistakes. The conditions put forth by the company is humanly impossible. So by enrolling each person the company is making
Rs 5000/-. Around 50-100 people are enrolling in the same company and getting cheated.
Most of them don't know that these rules are unlawful or where to go for the redressal.


CIN: U74140DL2013PTC249999

ROC-Code: RoC-Delhi

Complainant's Goal: To stop cheating innocent people using impracticable rules and cheating.
Complaint Location: IndiaDelhi

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Bloody fuckers,nimman boli makla en duddu nimmappanda sule makla idukinta hogi signal alli nintu kai tatri mama kelasa madi idenakko bere avrghe mosa madtira eneno kasta pattu duddu kudi haki eno upayoga agutte anta hakadre mosa madtira itara duddu sampadane madodadre mane avrna itkondu dande madi.