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Complaint by: raghuvinder kumar jha on February 4, 2017, 4:34 pm in Real Estate

Dear sir I have a plot in huda no 831 56-56A sector in FARIDABAD i need to transfers it for transferring I paid on line administrative fee but when I done from Pnb no transaction recipet generated so i done another transaction but no recipet generated after that I paid fee from sbi bank and receipt come so sir I done two transactions from my Pnb account date 17/01/2017 but transaction not completed and payment debited from my bank when I saw my bank statement in this show two times 5000 rupees debit from bank their I'd are HPNB5052516935/0083478818 and second is HPNB5052376462/0083471719 but when I ask bill desk they told me that bank confirmation not come so your payment not go after that I done my payment from another bank and i got on line recipet so please return my payment in my bank account thanks my phone no is 9899811300
If transaction done in first time I need not to do in second time but both time payment not receive to huda or payment debit from bank so I paid from another bank because huda fee is important this is huda or Pnb or bill desk mistake not done transaction at that time so please return it to my account you understand that there is no mistake from my sides this is network issue or Pnb issue or bill desk issue but unfortunately I suffered this is my money and I want to return to my bank account and i am not interested to complete this transaction because time lapsed so please return this transaction or amount in my bank account thanks sir i send you bank statement copy also bill desk written you about this administrative fee which I pay three times two times which is paid by me from Pnb bank I can't get recipet so please sir return this amount in my bank account thanks please sir return this amount because if this amount go to huda site than it is very difficult and long process for returning thanks i send you my details and I also send this to bill desk they told me that they write the merchant about this and when reply come then we return this transaction ok thanks sir this mail given by bill desk and told me to write on this sir I also write emails to PNB , BILL DESK, HUDA, HELP Desk and also visiting my state office huda Faridabad but nothing done on my complaint HUDA FARIDABAD IT TOLD ME THAT YOUR PAYMENT COME IN HUDA OR NOT UPDATED AND Return TO YOUR ACCOUNT BUT WE CANNOT SAY WHEN RETURN SO SIR Please SEE THIS TRANSACTION MATTER THANKS

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Complainant's Goal: Refund this transaction in my bank account
Complainant's Target: HUDA
Complaint Location: IndiaHaryanaPanchkula

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