career mont - Online Money transaction cheated
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Complaint by: Bamini AV on August 31, 2017, 5:06 pm in Career and Employment

Hello Team,

I got a call from the # 91 1140163400 . that they are getting placement for me in Tier 5 companies and asked me to make online payment and they haven't come back after making the payment of Rs. 4350 & Rs. 6250. . Totally (Rs. 10600)

Sir, please help me getting me back my money and would like to put these people in prison for cheating the public..

By gods grace you people are there to help public and i would request to get back my money.

The contact details are: Rohit, Arjun Malik & Prashant from
also attached the mail from them for your reference. please do the needful.

Complainant's Goal: Job Consultancy cheated Rs.10,600 me for placement
Complainant's Target: career mont
Complaint Location: IndiaKarnatakaBangalore

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they prey on the job seekers. They are well trained in proxy HR people in hierarchy with proxy names - catch is one by one they talk to you, 2) they are quick in compelling you to pay immediately.(they ensure that you are all set by mind and payment mode before they impress you with swet and confident words that you are ready to pay. They read your resume well and they know your Target jobs and high package salary assured for you.Thy would tell that the companies have shortlisted yor name and ready to join ? is question asked by theses people.
My money R erview then I realized I am Rs5000 was lost by PayUmoney.Next demanded RS15000 for next line up for interview then I realized IWAS CHEATED .. again and again calls wer coming from no:9958148206.
can I get back money? nagesh

8 months ago cheated me 5000rs then 15000 onlin

organized online fraud in the name of assured job .
first a boy called from using timesjob.coms name as their partners.he is in a hurry to connect with net by me immediately. with a small introduction he transferred the call to a lady named puja , she also told I am selected by some cos. when cross questioned they have clear job lists from some source co s related to my field. She used 's name as their partners.
she gave some company names which are relavant to my expected cos. Then told you are selected and if I pay an ID and passoword will be given for access to many jobs and it permanent. She told I am like your daughter (some child was crying,I told her some disturbance is there). I paid rs5000 online , she gave an id and password, and demanded again Rs15000 for lining up for an interview and back door entry for assured job. (Itold it is cheating asking for money she was persistently asking for payment like a road side marketing persons. Then I told you have cheated me .. I will not pay any further demand slip (another payment slip rs 15000) appeared on my screen.
I complained in - they display in red scroll that disclaimer, but they are also involved in the fraud. international fraud online. BBBEEE CAUTIOUS ABOUT ONLINE PHONE BEGGERS WHO CHEAT HARD EARNED MONEY. ANY LAW & ORDER PERSON CAN ASK ME FOR EVIDENCES I WILL PROVIDE..DR J N RAO

8 months ago  Rashim

I had received call from same company via number 9958086594 and asked me to pay registration fee of 5000. I have made this payment through payumoney portal. Person name was kunal. Help me to recover my Money please.

Thu, 14 Dec 2017  Madan Kumar Sherman

Got a call from +91 11 40163910, from agents claiming to be working with Career Mont India. They are scam artists and made me make a transaction of $ 87 via PaYUMoney.

Please help me getting me back my money and would like to put these people in prison for cheating the public..

They are using Pseudo names and starting screaming at me when I caught their lie before they asked for my second payment.

Wed, 06 Dec 2017  Trilok

Even I got call from "career mont" from +91 11 40163410. She told me to come online and go to and by the time she is forwarding call to her senior.
I got cheated before with such call from in which I paid them 3450/-. When I asked for refund the person online started shouting and misleading. When I complained to Delhi Cyber crime dept., they suspended that website and may be started other one. Cheating jobseekers like this is their profession only, so no one should leave them and should complain to Cyber crime branch only. If they will be left without complaing to Cyber cell than they will keep cheating innocent jobseekers.


Tue, 05 Dec 2017  Hemanth kumar kathi

I also got Multiple calls..from the same company for the same purpose.

Mon, 04 Dec 2017  sudhir nair

god these guys called me today made me register online

i stopped before payment i told them to mail me details of job call got disconnected

request take action or verify credentials
number on which i got a call was

Mon, 20 Nov 2017  Aditya Narvekar

Please never pay the so-called registration fees. These companies are preying on job seekers. I got a call from this company saying that my resume has been shortlisted. I was surprised when he asked me for a registration fee. When i told him that i know how recruiting works and that companies pay 30% of candidates base salary to the recruiting agency, the guy was surprised and gave some silly reason for charging candidates. I am 100% sure these guys will take your money and do nothing. I have been in the industry long enough to tell you no firm charges recruiting agency for submitting resumes and the whole "Paid" job thing is a scam. Stay away please. It's really sad, there are so many scamsters in India. Detecting these scamsters is really easy but nothing happens because nobody wants to go the police. Please if you paid them then please report the matter to your nearest cyber crime unit.

Tue, 07 Nov 2017  Arjun Sarma

Career mont/ Planto is a fraud company. They call and tell all sweet stories of job opening and collect 5k-6k and put u on to some junk person who shares job openings which are not at all relevant to your profile. They are cheaters and don't believe such fraud.

They further compromise credit card details and you get calls to share your credit card details and numbers. This is going to next level of crime and fraud.

Tue, 24 Oct 2017  Himesh

You can get help here.

Please fill this below form. Copy this link on browser

Wed, 27 Sep 2017  VC

I too have received a call from same number a lady name Sonam told me that she can connect me to the placement advisor, Deepak. I have given some time today in the noon and expecting a call from them. Number I received the call is same as mentioned in other complain here,

Thanks for sharing the fraudulent company. appreciate it

Tue, 26 Sep 2017  Vas

Hi all,

Thanks for the above information. I too have got a call from the same company assuring me of good job at MNC's. If I ask them for their ph no. they dont have it. all they have is an e-mail id as thanks for the above info once again. I am not going to pay them any money.

Mon, 25 Sep 2017  Ashok Kumar

Dear Sir / Madam,
To day I got call from about the job placement in the good company and they asked the fee of Rs 3900/ - to arrange the interview with the selected company at senior position. The payment was made on line through credit card. After that they lined the call to their senior and he was talking very nicely & making sure that large nos of opening are at his hand and for that you have to make another payment of Rs. 10500/- immediately so that all things are settled very quickly for the interview with prospective companies. They persuaded me for 40 minutes for the this payment very urgent and talking all nonsense to get the money by any means by making you under pressure. I disconnecteced the phone. with their conversation i found that they are very smart cheater and this recruitment agency is completely fraud. The person to whom i talked were Mr.Rahul , Mr . Shivam and Mr. Vishal.
Legal action to be taken against them .
I request to get my money of Rs 3900/- back at the earliest.
Ashok kumar
U.S.Nagar ( Uttarakhand )