NA - Mugging Incident in Sarjapura Road in Broad Day light
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Complaint by: Sanjay Tripathy on January 13, 2016, 10:27 pm in Law and Civil Rights


I have followed the law religiously but was unhappy with what happened to me in broad daylight in Sarjapura Road (just 300 m ahead of Wipro Office). A group of eunuchs came in an auto and tried to forcefully take my purse which had around 2K Rs in it. I might have done something stupid, but I did not let them steal my hard earned money. I slapped the person who had taken my purse and while he/she (eunuch) was in shock I snatched back my purse and ran as hard as I could ( I lost 500 Rs though in this struggle). But they did follow me in the auto and caught hold of me. I had ensured I was in a public place where they could not snatch back purse.

The only request I have is to have better patrol of the Sarjapura Road as something like this happening in broad day light is cause of concern. I am not sure if this request will be ever read, and I know that policemen are already struggling with the shortage - but I would be unhappy to see fear of policeman not being in common people during day time.

Complainant's Goal: More police patrol in
Complainant's Target: NA
Complaint Location: IndiaKarnatakaBangalore

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