Ashok Bansal - Is Ashok Bansal another Vijay Mallya in making?
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Complaint by: Damoder Das on January 11, 2017, 2:15 pm in Banking and Finance

Our Prime Minister Sh. Narendra Modi has waged the battle of his lifetime which is against corruption by acting against black money . The next chapter in this glorious fight should be war against “White Collar Crimes” . These are those crimes which are committed by educated folks, who misuse the system and keep exploiting the loop holes within the system. These are sophisticated crimes, which are done with connivance of bureaucrats who sit within the government and private institutions like banks. These people further excel in the art of “managing” everybody who try to expose them or take action against them. This usually includes police as well as media.
These kind of people are those termites, who appear quite respectable in the society, are regulars of Page 3 parties and have connections at the highest level. They use this clout for their own individual gain. What we need to understand is, their individual gain is actually a huge loss to the nation. They enjoy lavish lifestyle and all the comforts of life, at the expense of tax-payer’s hard earned money.

Why do we keep struggling in our pursuit of achieving a decent lifestyle, better education and good income, for us and our kids, whereas these guys, have it easy while thriving on our money which is deposited with the bank or in form of govt. schemes.

One of the names in the recent memory which comes to our mind is – Mr. Vijay Mallaya. He looted the nation for over 9000 crore. This was our money on which he was and still living a flamboyant lifestyle. He didn’t have money to pay salaries to his employees, he ruined the financial lives of so many hard working individuals, some even committed suicide, however, all he was busy was with Kingfisher calendar girls, with F1 races and what not.

The nation, can not afford to have another Vijay Mallya. We need to highlight other such cases who are thriving on tax payers money and destroying the lives of so many individuals.

My fellow citizens, let me introduce, one individual and his family, which is neck deep in corruption and “manages” the authorities, bankers more effortlessly than Vijay Mallaya ever did. No one has a whiff of what he does and how he has created such a huge empire of crores and crores of rupee, all at the expense of Indian Tax Payer’s hard earned money.

Mr. Ashok Bansal, his brother Ram Nivas Bansal, are the known names in the upper strata of Delhi/NCR builders, however, what one doesn’t know is how have they duped billions of Indians in connivance with bank managers, police authorities and created a multi million empire just out of thin air. In the next series we will share the other evidence of how many shell companies have they been directors of, how they got crores of loans easily , which any normal individual like you and me would not have been able to get and how have they been evading the authorities by using “sam , dam, dand, bhed” i.e. by hook or crook. Keep watching this space.

Complainant's Goal: spread awareness
Complainant's Target: Ashok Bansal
Complaint Location: India

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