Best Laser Dental Clinic - I want a refund from Dr. Murugavel & Best Laser Dental clinic
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Complaint by: Daniel on January 5, 2016, 2:22 pm in Health and Medical Stores

​I hope somebody ​ will​ help me​.​​​

I ​​read about Dr. Murugavel​​ ​
​​on the internet​ in 2014​.....

I ​then ​flew from Chicago, USA to Best Laser Dental Clinic (BLDC) in ​Valasaravakkam,​
Chennai, India in November 2015​..​

​He operated on me around Nov 7th, 2015....

Muru screwed in the implants​,
​ using only his eyes..

There ​was no x- ray machinery guiding him..

​​H​e​ misse​d​ the bone​ on 1 implant,​ & the tip of the implant ​is floating in air​..

I will eventually lose that implant..

He placed ​2 implant​s​ into into my hard palate..

But there is no hard tissue ​or bone there, only soft tissue​..

That implant never fuse​d​ with th​e​ bone​.​

It is like 2 fish hooks in my mouth, & its painful

​He never warned me
that I had​ to take painkillers & antibiotics.

​I requested Septocaine orally & IN WRITING,
​yet he still gave me Lidocaine....​

I never gave BLDC permission to photograph or videotape me, but they did.....

basal​​ implants​ ​cannot ​get bumped alot after ​they are placed​,
​or ​they will ​​​fail..

To prevent this, he connect​ed​ all the implants with a black metal bar​/cage/fence,​
so that the implants cannot move .....

​But the bar is heavy & takes up alot of space in ​my mouth....

Thus, it interferes ​with​ ​​swallowing, salivation & enjoyment of ​food.......
​I also swallow alot of air.....

Muru then cement glue​​d​​ this black bar to the roof of ​my mouth,

so it can't move​ ​either........

He then weld​ed​​​ & melt​ed​ the bar to the implants.

​So now ​I hav​e alot​​​ of metal implants in ​my​ ​mouth, a heavy, clumsy black metal bar stuck to the roof of ​my​ ​mouth​ with cement​​ ​(which is entering ​my bloodstream),
and​ ​it is​ ​all melted..​

And​ ​he never​ notified​ me​ that he is doing any of this...

BASAL implants are illegal in the USA

They have
​ never​ been approved by the FDA​.​
​They are not used ANYWHERE in the western hemisphere.

​ Not Mexico, Brazil, USA or Canada...​

They are considered defective by​ many​ Indian dentists also​..​

So i cannot get help when I return to the USA...

​It will now take me 15 dental appointments & $2000 american dollars​ ​to remove​ ​all​ ​this material from my mouth.

I have personally heard of 13 complaints against Muru​gavel​,
​ ​
​ ​​There are 100's of compl​aints...​

​ ​ ​ W​esterners will stop coming to the ​India for tourism,
​ ​if this continues​....

​He is opening up many dental centers right now..

He is a large basal implant distributor for IMHE,
based in Switzerland.

Please talk to Dr. Murugavel & ask him to refund my money,
so that I can pay another dentist..

HIs number is 044 438 56017

​I also gave $950 american dollars in early November to exchange for rupees.

I wanted to use that money for buying food, doing laundry, paying my hotel costs​..

I want that back also, please.

​warm regards,
​Daniel from Chicago, USA

Chakra Inn Hotel
Valasaravakkam, Chennai

979 102 6126​​ (cell)​


Complainant's Goal: To get a refund & to warn other consumers
Complainant's Target: Best Laser Dental Clinic
Complaint Location: IndiaTamil Nadu

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