Best Laser Dental Clinic - I want a refund from Dr. Murugavel & Best Laser Dental clinic
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Complaint by: Daniel on January 5, 2016, 2:22 pm in Health and Medical Stores

​I hope somebody ​ will​ help me​.​​​

I ​​read about Dr. Murugavel​​ ​
​​on the internet​ in 2014​.....

I ​then ​flew from Chicago, USA to Best Laser Dental Clinic (BLDC) in ​Valasaravakkam,​
Chennai, India in November 2015​..​

​He operated on me around Nov 7th, 2015....

Muru screwed in the implants​,
​ using only his eyes..

There ​was no x- ray machinery guiding him..

​​H​e​ misse​d​ the bone​ on 1 implant,​ & the tip of the implant ​is floating in air​..

I will eventually lose that implant..

He placed ​2 implant​s​ into into my hard palate..

But there is no hard tissue ​or bone there, only soft tissue​..

That implant never fuse​d​ with th​e​ bone​.​

It is like 2 fish hooks in my mouth, & its painful

​He never warned me
that I had​ to take painkillers & antibiotics.

​I requested Septocaine orally & IN WRITING,
​yet he still gave me Lidocaine....​

I never gave BLDC permission to photograph or videotape me, but they did.....

basal​​ implants​ ​cannot ​get bumped alot after ​they are placed​,
​or ​they will ​​​fail..

To prevent this, he connect​ed​ all the implants with a black metal bar​/cage/fence,​
so that the implants cannot move .....

​But the bar is heavy & takes up alot of space in ​my mouth....

Thus, it interferes ​with​ ​​swallowing, salivation & enjoyment of ​food.......
​I also swallow alot of air.....

Muru then cement glue​​d​​ this black bar to the roof of ​my mouth,

so it can't move​ ​either........

He then weld​ed​​​ & melt​ed​ the bar to the implants.

​So now ​I hav​e alot​​​ of metal implants in ​my​ ​mouth, a heavy, clumsy black metal bar stuck to the roof of ​my​ ​mouth​ with cement​​ ​(which is entering ​my bloodstream),
and​ ​it is​ ​all melted..​

And​ ​he never​ notified​ me​ that he is doing any of this...

BASAL implants are illegal in the USA

They have
​ never​ been approved by the FDA​.​
​They are not used ANYWHERE in the western hemisphere.

​ Not Mexico, Brazil, USA or Canada...​

They are considered defective by​ many​ Indian dentists also​..​

So i cannot get help when I return to the USA...

​It will now take me 15 dental appointments & $2000 american dollars​ ​to remove​ ​all​ ​this material from my mouth.

I have personally heard of 13 complaints against Muru​gavel​,
​ ​
​ ​​There are 100's of compl​aints...​

​ ​ ​ W​esterners will stop coming to the ​India for tourism,
​ ​if this continues​....

​He is opening up many dental centers right now..

He is a large basal implant distributor for IMHE,
based in Switzerland.

Please talk to Dr. Murugavel & ask him to refund my money,
so that I can pay another dentist..

HIs number is 044 438 56017

​I also gave $950 american dollars in early November to exchange for rupees.

I wanted to use that money for buying food, doing laundry, paying my hotel costs​..

I want that back also, please.

​warm regards,
​Daniel from Chicago, USA

Chakra Inn Hotel
Valasaravakkam, Chennai

979 102 6126​​ (cell)​


Complainant's Goal: To get a refund & to warn other consumers
Complainant's Target: Best Laser Dental Clinic
Complaint Location: IndiaTamil Nadu

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Wed, 27 Apr 2016  Nick Robinson

Hi This Nick from australia..i want to share my experience with dental implants with Dr.Murgavel and his team from Best laser dental clinic in india..I got 8 basal implants in upper jaw and few root canals and crowns in lower jaw to correct the bite.It took 7-8 days for them to complete.Over all i am happy with their services and expertise ,,especially of the Doctors dr anjali and dr arifa.The staff are very courteous and helping.The only drawback is the area in which the clinic is located is congested with heavy traffic reaching from nearest hotel will take long time during busy hours.compared to treatment in australia i saved a lot of money by getting implant treatment in india..