ExportersIndia.com - I started receiving calls from a number of buyers across India
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Complaint by: Agats Mittal on December 28, 2017, 12:08 pm in Business and Finances

I am a seller of Indian spices and I can say that ExportersIndia.com is probably the best online marketplace in India for getting higher client reach. When I joined this online B2B portal in 2009, my business was on its all-time low because of the new surge in online businesses. I turned towards ExportersIndia.com and took their silver package for advertisement purpose. I had thought that I would receive a number of calls for my business after registering my business with this B2B portal but nothing of the sorts happened. I did receive calls but they were all from their customer care executives convincing me to buy a more expensive package. I was so frustrated with the calls that I decided to write a complaint against them. The executive replied via email this time and said they would not ponder me with such calls again. After a few weeks, I started receiving calls from a number of buyers across India who were interested in the products that I had posted on the portal. From that day, I have been taking their packages every year and it has certainly helped my business reach ultimate heights with a great client base, all thanks to ExportersIndia.com.

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Complainant's Target: ExportersIndia.com
Complaint Location: IndiaDelhiSouth Delhi

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