Job Portal - I am not satisfied with service of Aapla Roozgaar, so i want my money back
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Complaint by: Narender on May 13, 2013, 2:33 pm in Career and Employment


This is Narender Kumar form Sonipat district of Haryana state. I got a call by Visesh Tyagi from Aapka Roozgaar Service Pvt Ltd. He told me, we have job opportunity for you but for that you need to register on our website Than on next day, i made a payment of Rs. 1685.4 for registration, than he told me just please click here and there and that again make a payment of Rs. 13592.2. I told them that you have already told me that i need to pay for registration only than what is this. So, I told him that I am not going to pay this. Then he trying to convinced me by telling that this amount for better services and for fast response etc. I again ask him that shall we need to pay further on this will be the only amount. Then he replied no no this will be the only amount. So, any how i maid that payment. Then he told me that I am transferring your call to our senior Mr. Imran Safi. He also told me to select some options from their website and pay this amount of Rs. 13987.7. I tell them what is this last guy told me that you need not to pay anything than what is this. I told them that i don’t want your services please refund my amount. Then he replied that if you don’t make this payment than we can’t refund your amount. Once you pay this than we will refund your amount. So, after a long discussion i made that also. So, in this way a made a payment of Rs. 29265.3 by credit card (i have receipt of these payments on my email id) and all these payments were made on 2nd May, 2013 around 5:00PM. After payment i told him that please refund my amount, then he replies that please be patience with in 72 hrs you will get your amount. After that i m trying to contact them they are not even picking my call and i have not got a single call from them for job related on anything else.
Their office address and contact person details are given as:
Aapka Roozgaar Services Pvt. Ltd.
F-31, Sector 6
Noida 201301
Uttar Pradesh, India
Contact No. 9278365874

E-mail Id-
Mr. Visesh Tyagi – 9278701316
Mr. Imran Safi – 9278701315
Transaction details are given as:
1st Payment:
Thanks for placing an order with us. Your Order number is: R40682-C3
Your order details are as follows:
Order Number : R40682-C3
Order Description : Roozgaar Resume Xplode,
Grand Total : Rs. 1685.4
Transcation ID : 312211777786
PaymentID : 292985
2nd Payment:
Thanks for placing an order with us. Your Order number is: R40695-C3
Your order details are as follows:
Order Number : R40695-C3
Order Description : Roozgaar Linkedin Profile,Roozgaar Job Assistance,Designer Resume,Roozgaar Profile Verification,
Grand Total : Rs. 13592.2
Transcation ID : 312211784797
PaymentID : 19168
3rd Payment:
Thanks for placing an order with us. Your Order number is: R40699-C3
Your order details are as follows:
Order Number : R40699-C3
Order Description : Interview Cracker,Roozgaar Ask A Question,Roozgaar Power Resume (1-3 years),Roozgaar Career Report,
Grand Total : Rs. 13987.7
Transcation ID : 312211791810
PaymentID : 860947
On their website they have given refund policy, mentioning that if you don’t satisfied with our service than just reply over a mail mentioning your reason and we will refund your amount. I have sent an email to them for refund, but I don’t have any record of that ( i have not got any reply on my email).

So, I request you that please help me to get refund my amount from them.

Thanking you,
Narender Kumar

Complainant's Goal: I want my money back
Complainant's Target: Job Portal
Complaint Location: IndiaDelhiNorth Delhi

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