SSN Luxurious PG - Harassment by Landlord
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Complaint by: JD Akin on June 1, 2017, 9:52 pm in Home and Garden

Poor water supply, electricity fluctuations are common. Promises made but never kept. Rent expected on time but rent-receipts never issued until you beg. They try to extract money at every excuse. Dishonest and untrustworthy, cold, heartless and psychopathic people. Bullying behavior and some practices they follow seem harmless on the surface but you may need help of the Anti-superstition laws to get them stop....that is of course if you can get past their boasting of how many powerful people they know. They are evil and see every one as a target. Don't be fooled by their initial sweet behavior....they use it to mask the manipulation and exploitation that will follow. As for your advance money, just read a Just Dial review that says that the owner did not want to part with it even when the PG was leaving. And, this review was only one of the two bad reviews in a total of 6 Just-Dial pages. Guess why? Coz it's a paid-for service and these people don't allow bad reviews to feature there except for a couple because the page has to look realistic. Right? Ignore this review at your own expense...It's just meant to help warn people of what follows when staying at this address.

Complainant's Goal: .It's just meant to help warn people of what follows when staying at this addres
Complainant's Target: SSN Luxurious PG
Complaint Location: IndiaKarnataka

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Thu, 15 Jun 2017  MRD

They Are Superstitious and Try To Pass Off Their Misfortune On Others

The landlordís family is extremely superstitious. They place flower garlands and make designs with rice powder or some other ingredients outside the tenants door and home. While initially the tenant thought it was innocent, after unfortunate and unlucky incidents started happening in the tenants life, he and his wife started objecting to it. Hereafter, everytime the landlords family did something like this, the tenants wife removed the designs with a broom and cut off the garlands with a scissor. Despite this, the landlords family continued to repeat this behaviour. It seemed by linking their doorway and the tenants doorway with garlands or designs they were linking the fortunes of the two families (like sharing in our goodl uck and passing on their bad luck to us). After seeing the tenant repeatedly protest in action, the landlord started placing a single flower outside the tenants door or sprinkling petals on the steps the tenant had to cross. It felt eerie and as if he and his familyís intentions were wicked. Also I stopped going to their home after the first few times, because it has a very negative vibration. Something bad always happens after I have gone there-either an argument, an illness, an accident or a loss of money. I would advise PGs and tenants of this landlord to be very careful of eating at their home. You canít be sure of what they mix in your food before serving it to you. I know in the modern world, we donít believe in these things. But just because we donít, doesnít mean that these things donít exist. I was among the rationalists who didnít but having experienced severe consequences. I have recognized these people for what they are-Emotional and spiritual vampires. They may on the surface go to a lot of pilgrimages and appear religious, but they are anything but! They just use it as a garb behind which they continue their dishonest ways or feeding on other peoples energies and resources without permission. There are people who believe they can pass of the results of their own bad karma and misfortune on others and the find the most insidious ways of doing this. This family specially the landlady is among them. You have been warned.

Sat, 10 Jun 2017  Loknath

Be careful of your advance Money because Owner never like to payback single pie to anyone though they have promised to deduct only Rs 1000 from advance. Heartless owner and complete professional.

Thu, 08 Jun 2017  Satyanarayan

No proper facilities. They will tell so many but nothing works

Wed, 07 Jun 2017  MRD

I am not a PG but living here as a tenant-has taught me a lot about how predatory a landlord and landlady can be. In our case, it is the land-lady who is the master-schemer and orders her sissy-husband and her wimpy-son to carry out her vicious plans. They scurry about her following her evil orders like loyal dogs. Either they fail to use their own reasoning of what is right or wrong; or this sociopathic-behaviour runs in their family, Iím not sure.

When we rented this place, we could not imagine what a hell-hole this would be. Hereís what we have experienced. During our initial years of stay, if we happened to wake-up late (ie anytime after 7:30a.m) on week-ends, our newspaper would disappear. Why? We eventually figured out that the land-lady wanted to discipline us to wake-up early.

If we ordered a pizza with our own money of course... the land-lady would give blood-curdling looks that could make anyone wonder what crime they had committed. Initially we were puzzled..but we finally guessed why? ĎWhy doesnít the tenantís wife cook instead of being pampered with take-away food!í

I still remember the first time we paid electricity bill by cash, the landlord had coolly forgotten that it was paid. ďI donít recall collecting itĒ he had said a month later. From the next time, we started getting him to sign that it was being received.

And if no other form of intimidation worked and the land-lady was angry, she just got her family member to bolt the latch outside our main-door so that to get out we had to call her and request her. What bothers her most is when her victims (she regards us as that) donít call her up to complaint of how much discomfort she is putting us through. It takes away her thrill, her sadistic joy of feeling superior that she can inflict such mental pain and torture on other people. That she can control their state of joy and sorrow. So anyways, when in the past, we enquired why it was locked- their reply was that the grandson had done it accidentally. But, then itís been a year or so now and it still happened recently! I didnít even know it had been locked that day because I did not get out of the house. I found out only when my family member came home from outside and opened it.

And, mind you, when staying here, your door-bell will ring very frequently...sometimes itíll just be people enquiring for PG and at other times itíll be the landlordís family whoíll want you to open it at all odd-hours, when you are alone or at night when you feel uncomfortable on the pretext that they have to fill water in their inverter (Oh yes! They have cleverly placed it in our house and it charges on our electricity. And if that sounds bad...before you take this house-know that the meter is a shared one with the PGís occupying the back portion of the building. It may also be shared with the land-lordís own home...probably is, but thereís no way of finding out! So youíll never know, whose electricity bill youíre landing-up paying for. We didnít for some time. Now of-course, after taking a stand, we have been asked to pay a fixed sum.)

Beware also of the multiple-ever-present and monitoring CCTVís here. They are meant to keep-an- eye, not so much on the anti-socials, but on the tenants and PGís and what they do round-the-clock. I have one right in front of my door. I have to hide behind the door and open it to a family member, when Iím dressed shabbily; because as you know, you canít always be dressed for a video-shoot and a CCTV camera monitoring your movements is exactly that!

While Iím sure you can sense the frustration experienced in this post, it is also meant to inform future tenants and PGs at this place. Because, I always wished after coming here that someone had warned me about this place and these horrible people! There was a time, I believed that every human being had something good in them...that if we were nice to rotten people, we could help change them and build a relationship with them. I was so wrong! Living here, has changed my whole perception of mankind. I have come to realise that I was living in foolís paradise. There are Ďsome people like this landlord, landlady and their familyí-who can never change for the better. They see your kindness as your weakness and will exploit it to take advantage of you. They will envy any and everything good in your life and hate you for it. They will copy your home-interiors, the way you dress and even the way you behave probably Ėall of it on the sly, without acknowledging it to you and then flaunt it shamelessly in front of you.

These people are absolutely what SADISTS and EVIL-SOULS. Stay away if you value your peace-of mind and happiness. Their nice-behaviour is just a MASK. They will take it off when they have got you under their spell and you have given them your money and have no-where to go until your lease expires