lok andolan gujarat - fraud companies must stop
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we have complained againt samrudhh jivan multi state multipurpose coop
soc ltd,surat,in udhna police surat.we want more witnesses. of fraud
company.if you are staff,agent,investor or member and have complain
email us on lagerahonatubhai@gmail.com,m-07802050596,surat,natubhai
lageraho,social activist.lok andolan gujarat.also inform us about
other fraud company we will complain and close fraud companies.
fraud company list stated here,who were in doubt,so check before any
transaction and investment and make complain to us to have legal
followup.also inform other company which is under your knowledge which
should be added here which company might fraud.
Abhayagold Infratech India Limited
ACE Agro Products Ltd.
Adventure Country Resorts Ltd.
AIM Resorts (India) Ltd.
Akshay Plantation Ltd.
Akshayagold Farms and Villas India Limited
Alchemist Infra Limited
Appeline Cosmetics & Toiletries Limited
Arrow Global Agrotech Ltd.
Aryarup Tourism and Club Resorts Pvt. Ltd.
Basil Express Limited
Basil International Limited
Bengal Media Pvt. Ltd.
Bharti Properties Private Limited
Bhasank Food Pvt. Ltd.
BIM Finance and Investment Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.
Bommarillu Farms & Villas Ltd
Brand Value Communications Ltd.
Car Runway India Ltd.
Centenary Software Private Limited (Presently known as T and G Edutech
Private Limited)
City Airlines Private Limited
City Communication Ltd.
City Limouzines (India) Ltd.
City Money Ltd.
City Realcom Ltd.
Claro Consultancy Private Limited
Crownmart International India Private Limited
DMC Education Limited
G-Link Revenue e-com Pvt. Ltd.
Global Automobiles Ltd.
Gold Sukh Trade India Ltd.
Green Gold Agriculture (India) Ltd.
Heena Developers Private Limited
Heramb Properties Pvt. Ltd.
Hindustan Sugars Ltd.
Hiramani Agro Plantation Pvt. Ltd.
Hitech Computech Private Limited
HMbjs Properties Pvt. Ltd.
Icore Apparels Pvt. Ltd.
Icore Global Medicines Pvt. Ltd.
Icore Housing Finance Corporation Ltd.
Icore Iron & Steel Pvt. Ltd.
Icore Jwellery & Gems Pvt. Ltd.
Icore Paints Pvt. Ltd.
Icore Polyfab Pvt. Ltd.
Icore Super Cements Pvt. Ltd.
Konichiva Builders Private Limited
Krishna Infomedia Private Limited
Leisure Club India Private Limited
M/s Icore E-services Ltd.
M/s Saradha Realty India Ltd.
Magic Airlines Private Limited
Maithri Plantations and Horticulture Private Limited
Maitriya Plotter and Structure Ltd.
Maitriya Services Pvt. Ltd.
Mangal Murthy Auto Linked Pvt. Ltd.
Max Pro Marketing Pvt. Ltd.
Mega Mould India Ltd.
Megacity (Bangalore) Developers and Builders Limited
Modern Investment Traders Pvt. Ltd.
Multiventure Agro and Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.
Newlooks Retails Pvt. Ltd.
Nirmala Dwellings Private Limited
Nirmala Sahu Business Complex Private Limited
Nixcil Pharmaceuticals Specialities Limited
Noesis Strategic Consulting Services Private Limited
North India Securities Private Limited
Oro Trade Network India Ltd.
Pan Card Club Ltd.
Papyrus Infotech Pvt. Ltd.
Parees Enterprises Corporation Ltd.
Praptee Marketing Service Pvt. Ltd.
Primestart Trading Pvt. Ltd.
Raji Vedant Constructions Private Limited
Red Carpet Entertainment and Marketing Pvt. Ltd.
Reebok India Limited
Riju Cement Ltd.
Rose Capital Ltd.
Rose Valley Airlines Ltd.
Rose Valley Fashions Pvt. Ltd.
Rose Valley Films Ltd.
Rose Valley Food Beverages Ltd.
Rose Valley Hotels and Entertainment Ltd.
Rose Valley Housing Development Finance Corporation Ltd.
Rose Valley Industries Ltd.
Rose Valley Infotech Pvt. Ltd.
Rose Valley Marketing India Ltd.
Rose Valley Patrika Ltd.
Rose Valley Projects Ltd.
Rose Valley Real Estate & Construction Ltd.
Rose Valley Realcom Ltd.
Rose Valley Travels Pvt. Ltd.
Royal Twinkal Star Club Ltd.
Rupasi Bangla Media and Entertainments Ltd.
Rupasi Bangla Projects India Ltd.
Sahu Investment Corporation Limited
Sahu Investment Mutual Benefit Company Limited
Sai Prasad Foods Ltd.
Saksham Infocom Private Limited
Samruddha Jeevan Construction Pvt. Ltd.
Samruddha Jeevan Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.
Samruddha Jeevan Finvest Ltd.
Samruddha Jeevan Foods India Ltd.
Samruddha Jeevan Hotels and Hospitality Pvt. Ltd.
Samruddha Jeevan Infotech India Pvt. Ltd.
Samruddha Jeevan Milk and Milk Products Pvt. Ltd.
Samruddha Jeevan Orchard Resorts Pvt. Ltd.
Samruddha Jeevan Trading and Manufacturing Company Pvt. Ltd.
Saradha Agro Development Ltd.
Saradha Construction Company Pvt. Ltd.
Saradha Education Enterprise Ltd.
Saradha Exports Ltd.
Saradha Garden Resorts & Hotel Pvt. Ltd.
Saradha Landmark Cement Pvt. Ltd.
Saradha Printing & Publication Pvt. Ltd.
Saradha Shopping Mall Pvt. Ltd.
Saradha Tours & Travels Pvt. Ltd.
SGI Research & Analysis Limited
SGS Agro Farms Ltd.
Shark Communications Private Limited
Shiv Nests Private Limited
Shivaji Estate Livestock and Farms Pvt. Ltd.
Shree Om Sainath Car on Rent Ltd.
Silver Valley Communications Ltd.
Speak Asia (Un-registered Company)
Speakasia Online Pte Ltd.
Suman Motels Ltd.
Sunshine India Land Developers Ltd.
Sunshine Land Projects Limited
Sunshine Mutual Benefit Limited
Synergy Tie Up Private Limited
Talbros Limited (Listed Company)
TIK Innovator's Marketing Ltd.
Trillions India Distributors Ltd.
TV1 Express Holidays Pvt Ltd
Tycoons Empire International Ltd.
Unigateway 2U Trding Pvt Ltd
Unipay 2U Marketing Pvt. Ltd.
URO Agro India Limited
URO Autotech Limited
URO Hotels and Resorts India Limited
URO Hygienic Foods Ltd
URO Infotech Limited
URO Infra Reality India Limited
URO Lifecare Limited
URO Trexim Limited
URO Walkers Limited.
Vaishnavi Advisory Services Private Limited
Vaishnavi Corporate Communication Private Limited
Vamshi Chemicals Limited
Vega Zeal Marketing Pvt Ltd
Wealth Line Promoters Pvt. Ltd.
Websoft Marketing Pvt. Ltd.
Zerostart Trading Pvt. Ltd.

samrudhha jeevan multi state co-operative society not running
according to co-operative act,no election,no share certificates,no
real animal kept but rearing contracts made,no right to information
act implementation,not disclosing where members money goes,not
disclosing details as pro active disclosure as RTI on web site,fund
transferred in samrudhha jeevan group of companies to pay old maturity
payments.no reserve fund kept as societies rule,no
PF,ESI,Overtime,Leave,Bonus,gratuities etc to staff,many staff not
getting regular salaries too.every month new scheme with high
incentive scheme declare to get more money by lucrative incentives and
rewards,running chain system business of agents,purchased land or
investment records not disclosed.land purchased in their personal or
group companies name/directors/trusts etc by co-operative society
deposits they received,violating all banking,RBI,co-operative,SEBI etc
laws for protection of investors investment.staff are leaving every
day % increased,decreased collection,interest of agents lost and no
one come to forward because of loosing their investment and downline
big events ,big politicians and celebrities program on your money,they
never minimize their expenses and just enjoying life,stressed agents
may suicide because of their failure to judge companies and
co-operatives etc happening.
you may check what is real co-operative society is and for it
formed.its a cooperative make to divert investors and agents mind and
make time lengthen to pay old debts of group of companies.
good cooperative society make transparency,accountability with their
members,investors.they threats if any witness come forward against
him,they are criminal minded they gave supari to kill girls and jali
fake currency found in their branch of bhuvneshwar etc are sign of
criminal associations,so agents and investors get feared and not come
forward openly.
its a second subrato rao,sahara group modus operands they get help of
politicians,they use corruption,they enjoy weaker government
administrative system and diverting their fund.even after sebi order
no assets,properties,bank accounts to used for others or not get
transferred.they never disclosed how much they have to pay and how
they will pay?
from web site from different consumer complain website data you may
get idea of complaints volume and types of complains displayed.they
lost public trust.
they never can pay your investment or regular salaries because of
their optimistic expensive life style and on cooperative name no
assets kept so on liquidation timing nothing could be paid,it become
sick society and government must take its charge by appointing new
boards under supervision of central registrar or appoint commissioner
to get control of said sick cooperative to save trust of cooperative
movement as gandhian thoughts.
let associate,share and be bold enough and come forward to complain to
central registrar.central vigilance commission announce every
co-operative societies staff are public servant as legal definition
and they must get benefits of it too.

use internet to get realities of said
groups,societies,trusts,projects,complaints,government organisations
orders,announcement,gwalior court PIL order,rajya sabha fraud
companies list displayed after question,sebi order- to ban companies
and group etc and... many you will find...hope to search every thing
by your own way and check reality.

satya mev jayte.
jay hind.

lagerahonatubhai,reform activist,gujarat
lok andolan gujarat-surat

Complainant's Goal: stop fraud companies
Complainant's Target: lok andolan gujarat
Complaint Location: IndiaGujarat

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