SNK Interiors - Fraud committed by SNK Interior and now threatening me
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Complaint by: Vineet Chauhan on September 26, 2017, 10:46 am in Home Furnishings

I had agreed for an interior work with SNK Interiors proprietary to N Kantharaj, for my home located in Prestige Tranquility, near Buddhigere Cross Bangalore. The quotation agreed was for Rs. 6,65000/- (approx). We paid 50% advance on 20 July with his commitment to complete the work by end of August. He did not even start the work till 02 Sep. Finally the work started but at very slow pace. Since, we had to move in we kept requesting to complete the work fast. We also paid him another 30-35% making it total payment of Rs.5,36,000/-. We were planned to move in the new house on 20 Sep, but till 19 Sep the work was pending to a great extent. He then asked to pay more else will stop the work. We suggested that he finish the work and take the remaining payment. On this he asked his labors to stop the work and left our site taking away all the unused material which was brought for our work. Later as I had to move in I had deployed new carpenters who are still working on my site. I am bringing all the required materials and also will be paying to these new workers to get my work finished. In this process we realize that he has not used the materials as agreed and has used sub-standard products.

Now I have written his reviews on some public forums and today morning he has send me a message threatening that I should remove those reviews else it will not be good for me.

I have already borne too much of financial losses, mental trauma and impact on my job as I have to take leave and sit on site to get the work done. With his threats I am apprehensive on anything untoward towards me, my family and also my property.

I request the Police authority to take legal action on the grounds of fraudulence, cheating and threatening.

Name:, N, Kantharaj
Phone: 95352 22229

Complainant's Goal: Stop harassment, legal action and compensation for my losses
Complainant's Target: SNK Interiors
Complaint Location: IndiaKarnatakaBangalore

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11 months ago  Srinivas

I agree SNK and Kantharaj are very big cheats. They also cheated us by giving a different product then what we ordered with poor quality and finishing. Please let me know if you have put in the police complaint or gone to consumer court and I can add my complaint to that