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Complaint by: Abbas on January 26, 2011, 1:06 am in Banking and Finance

On 13.11.2010 I was checking my account online around 10.30 AM and I noticed that Rs. 40000/- are blocked out of my balance Rs. 58714/-. Immediately I called to Customer Care by dialing my TPIN and asked about this, they informed me that a cheque for Rs 40000/- was presented and this amount is blocked so that your cheque can be passed. I told him that I have not issued any cheque of this amount and you are requested to stop the same cheque immediately. Instead of stopping the payment he advised me that you wait for some time it will become clear which cheque and for whome you issued this cheque. After some time I received an SMS that “your account has been debited for Rs. 40000/- against cheque number 691271”. I surprised to see the SMS because this cheque was issued by me some days back to open Over Draft A/c in Kotak Mahindra Bank and it was for Rs 10000/- and was payable to myself i.e. Syed Iqbal Abbas. Immediately I called to Customer Care and asked about payee. They told me that right now we don’t have any information about the payee as this cheque is still under clearing process and for more information you need to visit our nearest branch. When I came to know that it is still under clearing process I tried to stop the payment through telephone banking but every time message came that “your request has not been accepted”. Then I rushed to Basant Lok, New Delhi Branch and met with Ms Aakansha Chauhan, Branch Ops Manager but she told me that our network is not working so I am unable to help you, you may go to C-Block, Vasant Vihar Branch where network is working and they may help you in the matter. I went there but the same problem was there too. It was Saturday on 13.11.2010 and half day banking day so I could not visit my base branch as it was already 2 O”clock in this process. During this process I have sent a Email to customer care to tell the entire case (copy is enclosed). In the evening around 4.00 PM I once again called to Customer Care asked the facts they told me that this amount transferred to Mr Raj Dev Kumar’s account.

On 14.11.2010 i.e. Sunday I sent a detailed e mail to Customer Care and requested to recover my money.

On 15.11.2010 I visited to Preet Vihar Branch and met with Ms Kusum Gupta and submitted my case alongwith all communication done with Customer Care till then and requested to take prompt action. At around 2.45 PM I lodged a complaint to Customer Care and the Complaint Number is SR157894158.

On 16.11.2010 I lodged a complaint at Police Station, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi (copy of the same is enclosed).

On 19.11.2010 Ms Kusum Gupta showed me the image of cheque through which the amount was transferred.

I shocked to see the image as there were three altrations i.e. in the payee name, in the amount in words and in the amount in digits. But the image was taken so badly it was looking like a photocopy of the cheque. Even the background printing of the cheque (icici logo and other printing) were also not visible. If anyone tries to erase anything from the cheque then the background printing of the cheque will also be erased and it can only be seen on the original cheque or clear image. But the image which was showed to me through which the amount was transferred was not of the quality by which any alteration can be noticed.

On 22.11.2010 on Ms Kusum Gupta’s request I once again sent a detailed mail to her and on that basis a complaint number was given through e mail i.e. SR158984625. I was intimated two times that your query is being investigated. I was satisfied that my query is being attended seriously but on 27.12.2010 I received a mail from Customer Care that we are unable to return your money as we could not find any ground of suspicion and beneficiary has withdrawn the money (mail is enclosed for your reference).

I strongly object your executive’s reply. My objections and questions are as under:-

- When I immediately informed the incident to the bank then why prompt action was not taken by the bank and due to non action beneficiary taken the benefit and withdrawn the money.
- Inspite of my strong objection and blame why did physical cheque not recovered from the presenting bank so far. As per bank policy and procedure it is payee bank’s responsibility to get the physical instrument from the presenting bank if payee demands.
- After one and half month your executive informing me that beneficiary has withdrawn the fund. It is so funny thing that if anyone gets money fraudently then it will be his first target to withdraw the money. It was happened due to banks inability to take prompt action. If prompt action was taken then it could not have happened.

I once again requested you to arrange a proper investigation and go deeply in the case and take strict action against the culprit so that this type of fraud could not be happened in future. You are also requested to recover my money as early as possible so that I can take breath of peace.

Complainant's Goal: To recover my money and punish the culprit
Complainant's Target: ICICI Bank Limited
Complaint Location: IndiaDelhiNew Delhi

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