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Complaint by: Tina Mariam Abraham on February 28, 2017, 1:07 pm in Airlines

I wanted to share my experience which I had recently while flying on Indigo Airline from Bangalore to Ranchi on 21st Feb 2017.
It was a morning flight at 9:10 AM and so my husband and I were lucky to dodge the Bangalore traffic to reach airport. But there was no escape of the heavy rush we found in Kemapaiah Gowda International Airport, Bangalore.
It’s not a breaking news that Bangalore Airport is one of the worst managed airport. After standing in the queue for around 25 Minutes, an Indigo Staff came across calling passengers for other flight for Mumbai at 9.20am. We asked for ours which was at 9.10am then she allowed us to skip the queue and go to the counter. But there was another struggle in counters since there were already people queued up in all of them. The lady who pulled us in disappeared immediately and we were on our own from there.
After waiting for around 15-20 Minutes, we finally got to the counter, just to get the shock that it is already closed for our flight. It was exactly 8:25 AM that time and hitting the 45 minutes deadline.
The lady on the counter had no empathy and was showing no signs of flexibility considering the heavy rush and or helplessness. We tried to convince her with our standpoint that how much we had to struggle even after reaching airport on time. But there was no sign of compassion or help from her, on top of that her colleague from next counter started defending her and was even more rude and horrible in her tone. To my understanding rather than wasting time in argument, they could have sincerely tried to get us through since it was not very late till that time. Instead what we got to hear was that it’s our responsibility to come and tell them if we are getting late, barring the fact that we are standing right in front of the counter for atleast 10-15mins and can’t jump without being called for.
That was the only flight for Ranchi available that day and we could afford to miss since we had to visit court the next day without fail.
So I demanded her to let me speak to their supervisor for which she simply ignored first and started calling out for other passengers. On insisting further she asked us to go and check somewhere near the last counter.

I rushed there to find this gentleman by the name Mr.Chetan. I knew there I have to plead yet again and try convince to get us our flight.
But to my pleasant surprise the guy just heard about my plight for a few seconds and immediately made a call and then got us our boarding pass without further delay. He then asked us to follow him was literally running us across. He got us through the security and escorted us to the boarding gate negotiating with the security for a faster frisk and luggage check.
We could finally get our seat with a sigh of relief. But we were regretting that in all this rush we could not thank our savior of the day.
This is a classic example of the contrasting customer centricity which can prevail with the same organization. The front desk ladies sitting in the ticket counters were a terrible example of customer experience. Not only they refused to extend any help, they even made it worse by shouting at us and declaring us as at fault.
This is not a one off experience with Indigo but a regular treatment that we come across, being a frequent flyer.There were customers behind us supporting us and expressing their similar experience with Indigo front desk.
I can even go on and say that my aversion towards that section of staff of Indigo Airlines is not going off, and I will carry this impression forever. Infact if it was not for Mr.Chetan I would have never preferred to fly in Indigo nor would have I ever recommended Indigo to anyone.
While the supervisor was just what a customer expect from the service industry, empathy and sincere effort to help. We could feel that he was putting himself in our shoes and was motivated to help us at whatever it takes. He is certainly an example for the other employees at Indigo and there is a lot to learn from him.
We would like to extend our sincerest thanks to him and really appreciate his zeal to help the customers. People like these go an extra mile in their duty and that’s what sets them apart.

We hope that Indigo recognizes talents like this and inculcate the same passion in rest of the crew.

Complainant's Goal: Improving the service quality
Complainant's Target: IndiGo Airlines
Complaint Location: IndiaKarnataka

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