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Complaint by: Anirban Sarkar on December 30, 2016, 3:03 pm in Career and Employment

I, Mr. Anirban Sarkar (Chairman & Managing Director of Deccan Water Treatment Pvt. Ltd.) am responding to the above mentioned complaint of Mr. Deepak Saxena (Ex employee) which was posted on this website on 15 July 2012.
This complaint has not only come as a shock but has also disappointed me on all humanitarian level.
Deepak Saxena who has worked with us as GM (Marketing & Technical Services) has only narrated one side of the story, about my company withholding his salary but very slyly retained the actual reason behind the entire scenario.
Mr. Saxena has been with us for 4 years and since then he had not faced any issues from our end. We have supported him in every endeavour of his, whether it’s been on personal or professional front (and we have letters supporting the same). He has mentioned about us withholding his salary for 1.5 months, but there have been instances when the company has paid salaries on time or at the worst two months salaries together when we were in our growing phase.
Mr. Saxena has been always known to disobey and break the rules and policies of the company. He was given plenty of warnings for his various indisciplinary actions and also fined for the same. After 27th June 2011 when Mr. Saxena resigned and wanted to leave the company, I fulfilled my responsibility as an employer, thereafter Mr Saxena again showed his keenness in joining our company by pleading his personal issues and even then I considered his request and allowed him to join the company nevertheless stating to him that he would be on 6 months probation basis.
Once Mr. Saxena rejoined the company his interest in his work and his performance started deteriorating however his expectations from the company were continuously increasing, Not only that in this period my company not only increased his salary but also provided him with a new laptop, modem and handset and a company sim card, just so that we could motivate our employees to do better and help them achieve their targets.
Regardless of this Mr. Saxena failed miserably to achieve the quarterly sales target of Rs. 3.75 cr which he had agreed to at the time of appointment.
After all this Mr. Saxena abruptly stopped coming to office & attending internal meetings since 12.7.12 not only that he also discontinued attending cliental meetings and started bad mouthing about my company and provided clients with false information.

Considering his performance, misconduct and breach of the term and conditions agreed in the appointment letter he was then terminated on 18.7.12. My concerned person tried to reach him even after the termination but he chose not to respond to our emails or calls. During his absence he also committed a lot of illegal activities, professional misconducts which are not warranted by law.

He not only flouted but also breached all the terms and conditions as well as policies of the company which he had agreed to admire in his appointment letter. Mr. Saxena then had the audacity to damage the reputation and image of the company in front of our clients and in the corporate market. Since 13th July he had commenced the process of defaming the image of the company severely in front of our old and perspective clients.
After his termination Mr. Saxena went to the lowest level by contacting our clients like Kolte patil etc asking them not to deal with our company by cancelling the already issued PO.

He lied to our clients that my company is closing down, affecting my business and the goodwill that I had created over the last couple of years. He also misguided clients like Aishwarya Visteria with false representations and as a result they were not willing to issue any cheques to us. Then companies like B U Bhandari were contacted and asked not to deal with my company for the above mentioned reasons. He deliberately made false representations to the clients by deceiving and misguiding Company Clients like Kothari Tingre
Once he left the company we came to know that Mr. Saxena already had a different company since 2010 by the name of Tropicaal Waters India Pvt. Ltd, Water & Wastewater Div. when he was officially still working with Deccan Water Treatment Pvt. ltd. Not only that since both companies come from the same genre our clients were manipulated and that affected my by business as we started losing on clients. He used to use all our resources and confidential company details were shared and technical details were used by Mr. Saxena’s company.

We have also lodged a complaint against him for charging us with superfluous allegations. He has shamelessly left the job, tried to acquire our customers, deceived us and our customers and also went to our competitors with our entire data base. That being said and done later on he used to promote his companies sale by using our name and showing clients our sites as reference.

After innumerable complaints from the clients and notifications from our well wishers we had finally published a Public Notice in the newspapers to inform all that Mr. Saxena was not a part of our organisation any longer and any interaction with him would not be our matter of concern.

Till the date the company property has not been returned. Mr. Saxena has made and lodged unnecessary allegations against our company who has been through his thick and thin when he was in need most. And after all this he has tried to defame the company name by posting a complaint on such a huge platform with all the false and manipulative communications.

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