Nagar Nigam Indore - Drainage line blocked at Veer savarkar nagar, rajendra nagar reti mandi, Indore
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Complaint by: nilesh on August 3, 2015, 1:47 pm in Government and Police

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am the resident of 71, Veer Savarkar Nagar, Near Rajendra Nagar Reti Mandi, Indore (M.P.). In our colony, Water sewerage, drainage and chamber line is blocked and due to that dirty waters flows on the colony road and bad smells of this dirty water spreads in the entire colony. This may cause various types of disease to the colony residents. We have complaining about this problems at the Bilawali branch and at the main nagar nigam office indore for the last two years but still the problem is not resolved. Whenever we complain to bilawali branch of nagar nigam, after many days of complaint, they send a water removal vehicle which just temporarily resolve the problem and just after 3-4 days of that, again dirty water flows in the colony area because the drainage line is blocked. Thus the blockage of that line has to be removed and some broken drainage pipes has to be replaced. Nagar nigam indore has awarded a contract for this problem to a contractor in the last year but still the problem is not resolved. The contractor has not resolved the problem and stopped the work . Sir, This is very critical problem for all the colony members and it becomes difficult for us to live in the colony. So Please arrange to resolve the problem as soon as possible. Thank you Sir.
71, veer savarkar nagar,
near rajendra nagar reti mandi, indore
Mo.- 9425914300, 07312320777

Complainant's Goal: To resolve the colony drainage problem
Complainant's Target: Nagar Nigam Indore
Complaint Location: IndiaMadhya Pradesh

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Tue, 03 Jan 2017  Aniruddh Mandhanya

Dear Sir/Madam,
My address is 33-B, Sector C, Scheme no 71, Opp Kasera Bazaar School, Indore (M.P.). In my house and near residents drainage water gets mixed up with fresh narmada pipeline and in every 4-5 days have to clean tank. Complaints have been raised several times permanent resolution has not yet happen. This is getting irksome everyday and we are unable to find root cause.Request you to resolve this issue very soon. Thank you, Aniruddh, 9826070185