DLF Westend Heights Banerghatta Road Banaglore - DLF cheating (delayed by 8 months already) with the money they need to refund me
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Complaint by: Mridul Dewan on October 24, 2017, 2:24 am in Real Estate

Title: DLF cheating with the money they need to refund me.

DLF was supposed to refund me an amount that they owe me for an apartment I own at DLF Westend Heights. They had taken that excess money during the construction phase tell me they will refund it later. With that in mind, this is what happened (with date and time)

9th May, 2017 at 8:23 PM : I get an email from DLF about the refund. They asked for my bank details. The cheque was issued on 27th Feb but they sent a message to me on 9th May, 2017. Cheque is valid for only 3 months so it was approaching the end of its validity when they sent to me.

9th May, 2017 at 9:04 PM : I replied to DLF with my bank account details. Please note that I replied in 41 minutes after they sent the email. I never heard from them after that.

28th July, 2017 : I sent a reminder after 2 and half months asking them again since I did not get any money in my account.

28th July, 2017 : You replied and told me it is out for reissue and will be back in 3 weeks. I did not mail you guys for over 1 month.

Between 28th July, 2017 and 23 October, 2017, I have sent them around 6 email reminders. They have replied 2 times to my emails. Every time I ask them, they say that they will let me know when the cheque is ready.

1. How much does it take to reissue a cheque? In the first place, it was irresponsible on their part to send me the cheque 2.5 months after it was issued and was about to expire. I was prompt with my details so they cannot blame me at all.

2. They are totally shameless and refuse to tell me by when will they give me my money.

I have all the email conversations with me with dates and times as proof of record. I never get a response from DLF properly. I am totally helpless and tired of following up with these thieves and crooks.

This is the person I am dealing with for all these months and he is my point of contact.

Name: Veena Prasad
Phones: (+91)9742062473
Email: prasad-veena@dlf.in

I am really hoping Bangalore police can help me with this case. Thankyou very much

Mridul Dewan

Complainant's Goal: I simply want my money that DLF is holding back in my account.
Complaint Location: IndiaKarnatakaBangalore

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