Sushant Dutta - Continuous Issues in Apple iPhone 5C
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Complaint by: Sushant Dutta on August 4, 2015, 11:14 am in Mobile and Cell Phones

Dear Concern,

this is in reference to my iPhone 5C. I am facing many issues in my handset since last 5-6 months. As i was in UAE for my company's new office set-up, hence did not get time to come.

It gets hanged all of sudden while talking over phone, voice is not clear, overwrite of heading and subheadings while opening apps. I went to Unicorn service centre in Sector-35, Crown Interiorz Mall, Faridabad. They diagnosed it and replaced the handset on July 27th, again the same problem it was having so I went there on July 28 to re-report the issues. They took it back and diagnosed it in front of me only and handset was not responding in favour, so they submitted it back. On August 3rd I got the 3rd handset replaced with new one. And today while operating I am facing same issues even worse, Whenever I call someone it started misbehaving and all of sudden screen disappears, gets disconnected in between. if it is ringing and I attended the phone of other person, it still keeps on ringing. So rather the issues should not be there as it is a new handset, it has started giving new problems.

I am a very loyal buyer of Apple and using it since its launch in India since 2008. I have never ever faced any issues in any of the handsets I have used up till now. But in this handset iPhone 5C, keeps on getting new problems every time. If this thing keep coming I am afraid if I use iPhone again and not even recommend others. Other thing on Aug. 3rd handset warranty is expired and I could not get the chance to extend it. But do let me know who's fault is this.In last 14 days time, handset was at service centre and 3 handsets have been replaced and still problems are not resolved in the new iPhone 5C. Do something and get this damn handset change or upgrade with your new iPhone 6 series or resolve in this one. I don't only have this work left with me.

Awaiting your prompt & positive reply.

Sushant Dutta
+919643708270 / +919953551239

Complainant's Goal: Facing may issues in iPhone 5C, wish to get it resolved.
Complainant's Target: Sushant Dutta
Complaint Location: IndiaHaryanaFaridabad

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