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Complaint by: on July 20, 2016, 9:20 pm in Mobile and Cell Phones

Dear Blackberry Team,
I have send this mail regarding the wrong selection of your Authorised dealership in Cochin ( Smart Technologies) which is in Kadavantra.
Recently my Blackberry Classic Phone which is under warranty was having a complaint, it was not switching ON. So I took it to your above mentioned service centre which you people say it is Authorised. I waited for atleast an hour as they were not even bothered about the customers. There way of giving answers were miserable. And main things the atmosphere of the office was disgusting, don't understand how can BB appoint such an office as Authorised .
Now let's talk about the phone
I went upto them and told about the complaint which I was facing with it. And you can't even imagine the answer they gave, they said, We can't check right now we Wil check it tomorrow And let you know by afternoon. When asked the reason they mentioned they worked only till 5.30pm and I said it was just 4.30pm now and I want to know why is the phone not switching ON. So making wierd faces she took my phone inside and made me wait again for atleast 1 hour. I could hear the people laughing inside, and I knew that they weren't doing any work just sitting there and enjoying laughing. The receptionist also joined and returned when I shouted after one hour thats whats going on. What is the problem. She said me the same. We are not able to find the problem. We would call and update you tomorrow afternoon. The next day I called them but they dint pick the call. So I visited the place again. First of all there is no parking over there and in that situation they make us wait for so long. When I asked about the phone they are like Sorry we are not been able to check as our Site is Not Working. We can only check once it is open. So I shouted I asked then why dint you say the same yesterday. So she kept silence and then said they are helpless and said it would take around 1.5 months for repairing the phone. I said what kind of Authorised service centre is this? Do you know how to repair so she said we are new and still learning and the person is under training. So I said I need the phone back. I don't want it to be done. I cannot wait and also when I asked about the Spare Phone they Were like it is against our policy. We cannot give everyone a spare phone. I said this is not a cheap phone it costed around 30k and it's under warranty. And I need a spare phone if it's going to take above one month. So they are like please take back your phone we cannot provide any spare phone. Authorised service should have a minimum respect to handle the customers. I don't know how can this work like this. All are dead people over there, they are so slow that every single time a person comes to that service station becomes angry with any king of reasons. The only thing in that service station which is good is the Television, rest full is just damn dirty and full of Irresponsible persons. After getting the phone when I checked it was tampered on the sides. As they dint even know how to open BB Classic phone. I was soo angry that I would have hit him if she wasn't a girl.
After taking that phone I went to the store from which I purchased( MOBILE KING, PENTA MENAKA) saying What kind people are you. You sold and took money but when It has issues you first give me the wrong address of Authorised Service place and also don't interfere, So they Provided Me with a Number Who handles the BB problems In cochin and said me to ask Replacement of the Phone. After saying the same above mentioned things, he provided me Mr ROSHITS Number ( 09446159166) who is the person he said to contact and he Wil take care of the phone until it repairs.
I called him and said the above mentioned thing so he said that the service centre you visited is the only Authorised Place in Cochin for BB. I was soo damn angry when I heard that. I told him to go through the problem and he was so understanding as he told he was out of station and once he is back he would go through and solve the problem. After 3 days he came and gave me a call to come and give the phone in his presence but still he service people just provided with the same answers, but he said that it would take just around 7-10 days for repairing it. But I was so much hurt that buying a phone for around 30k and using just 11 months and suddenly it getting switched off they are saying to wait without phone for almost 1.5 months. Now it is been around a week as it has gone not Switching ON.
They have send my phone to Banglore for higher level service.
I would request BB Team to please remove this Authorised Place and then choose a place which is good in handling people as well as know how to repair.
You BB Have not at all done a good job by appointing Smart Technologies as a Authorised Service Providers.
Please go through the above mentioned experience of mine and I would request you to please GIVE ME A NEW HANDSET AS THEN ONLY IT WOULD MAKE ME BUY A BB PHONE AGAIN IN MY LIFE.
I am hereby attaching the reason they mentioned when they gave me back the phone.
Please go through. And Provide me with the best Possible Way to get out from it.
I Expect that You people would provide me with a Brand New Phone as it was under Warranty and after repairing I don't think it will stay any longer. So my demand is to get a new BB CLASSIC PHONE.
This is Just the Outline Complaint. If it takes longer time for You (BB TEAM) to reply me back then I would go for a Case in Court against the Companies Policies and Irresponsiveness of Making a Common Man in Trouble.


Complainant's Goal: NEED REPLACEMENT
Complainant's Target: BLACKBERRY
Complaint Location: IndiaKeralaErnakulam

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