Regional Provident Fund Commissoner - Claim of EPS No.MHBAN00208980000008270 transfd amt from JHRAN00012270000057275
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Complaint by: on February 7, 2017, 6:31 pm in Career and Employment

Sub: Employee's Providents Fund Organisation [EPFO] — Claim of EPS No.MHBAN00208980000008270 withdrawal amount against transferred fund of EPS No.JHRAN00012270000057275

Dear Sir/Madam,

I was a subscriber of EPS No.JHRAN00012270000057275 while I had been working with McNally Bharat Engg. Co. Ltd, Kolkata. I had joined this company by 17/05/2012 and left by 30/08/2014. The contribution of EPS amount with applicable interest was due with RPFC Ranchi when I left the said organization.

I had a new EPS account NoMHBAN00208980000008270 when I joined GAMMON INDIA LTD which is under RPFC Mumbai.

However; I had requested to RPFC Ranchi to transfer the earned fund to RPFC Mumbai and they transferred the same to RPFC Mumbai accordingly. In the meantime, I resigned to Gammon India Ltd and submitted request to withdraw EPF as well as EPS both.

Based on my claim RPFC Mumabi reimbursed the EPF & EPS amount against earned fund in account No.MHBAN00208980000008270 in month of Dec'15. But they did not reimburse the transferred amount from old account of RPFC Ranchi.

Now both RPFC Mumbai & RPFC Ranchi has declined my request to reimburse the EPS account which I had earned during the period of 17/15/2012 to 30/8/2014.

I had sent a legal notice to RPFC Mumbai but they did not respond it.

As such, based on the fact I would like to put the matter to your courtesy and request to help in this regard so that I could get my dues with interest from the EPFO Authority.

Complainant's Goal: EPS Claim with applicable interest which is earned during 17/5/2012 to 30/8/14
Complaint Location: IndiaBiharBanka

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