RNS Motors - CANCELLATION of DZIRE ZXI Booking (Showroom – RNS Motors , Yeshwanthpur)
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Complaint by: Pallavi on December 21, 2017, 9:35 pm in Cars Parts and Vehicles

SUBJECT: CANCELLATION of DZIRE ZXI Booking (Showroom – RNS Motors , Yeshwanthpur)
Invoice Date – 15/11/2017
Invoice Number – 026/VSL/17001227
Order Number – SOB17002159

I had to cancel the booking of DZIRE ZXI just a day before it was supposed to be delivered because of awful customer experience with RNS motors (reasons mentioned below).
1) Initially I was told by “Ashwini” (Sales person) that vehicle will be delivered by 20th Oct or max by 30th Oct. This was told to me on the day I booked my vehicle – 23rd Sept 2017
2) In next week, when I informed her that I am taking loan from HDFC – she said that if you take loan from HDFC, then we cannot deliver vehicle to you. You must take loan from us. I told her clearly on phone that I am going forward with HDFC loan. RNS motor cannot refuse delivery for this reason. This shows how your staffs are trained and how pathetically they treat their customer.
3) On following up with Ashwini on the 16th Oct – she said that madam “we have grey vehicle that we can deliver you by 19th Oct” and not blue color (color that I booked). You will receive your vehicle before 30th Oct for sure
4) On following up continuously with Mr. Kiran Pawar (manager)and Ashwini – finally they gave us delivery date of 19th Nov.
What kind of showroom does not have basic courtesy to be honest with their customer. If you didn’t have vehicle to deliver – you should not make false promises to customer.
5) When I initially enquired with RNS motors – Ashwini said that seat covers start only with range of Rs 13000 and seat covers don’t come for price less than that. On checking with my friends, I realized that price quoted by RNS was too high. Then I visited RNS motors again with a friend – on that day I was told that seat covers begin with Rs 7000. Do you actually even train your staff?
6) Regarding accessories – When I checked with Ashwini on car cover, she told me that I will have to pay for Car cover. I had struggle to make her understand that it should be given along with car. Do you think customers are fools?
7) I spoke to Mr. Pawar around 15th Nov – to confirm with him if RNS will be delivering my vehicle on 19th Nov as my brother would travel from Belgium and sis-in-law from Bellary to Bangalore to be with me on the delivery of my first car from my hard earned income. Mr. Pawar told me – “Sure, go ahead and book the tickets”.
 I called Mr. Pawar on 18th Nov (11.59 AM) to check with him on what time we should come and pick the vehicle on 19th Nov and also informed him that I am taking car insurance from HDFC and he should not worry about doing it via RNS Motors. He said that – “You should have told us early, now we cannot cancel it”. I told him that Delivery Order (DO) was given to him from HDFC which states that insurance is included in it of Rs 18000 and how can he not have seen it. Then he kept insisting me to get HDFC insurance cancelled. I told him I will try and then Mr. Pawar said he will call me back in half an hour or one hour to get this issue sorted. In the meantime, I called HDFC to cancel insurance and agent refused mentioning that it was not possible. My brother then made it clear to agent that since HDFC does not have any information on engine details – that means it is not yet processed and told him to hold on HDFC insurance and not move forward.
 After my call with Mr. Pawar (where I mentioned about HDFC insurance) – Ashwini calls me and tells me that – “Since you have not provided us with original DO with stamp of bank and your signature, we will not deliver your vehicle tomorrow”. I told her – “Why was I not informed that RNS wants original DO with bank seal and signature. How can you inform me about it now when vehicle delivery is tomorrow.” Then she said – “Madam I will call you in few mins.”
 She calls me after few mins and now tells me – “ Since we have started the process of cancellation of your insurance, we cannot deliver your vehicle tomorrow”. I told her – “Mr. Pawar refused to cancel insurance and we have asked HDFC to not take insurance processing further.” Ashwini argued back – “Madam, we have started cancellation and we cannot do anything about it now”.
 First RNS motor made excuse of Original DO and then insurance cancellation as their reason for delivering the vehicle on 19th Nov as promised.
 After having call with Ashwini, me and my brother realized – that RNS staff was very much unhappy that we were not taking their insurance and did everything they could to harass us.
 After phone call with Ashwini – me and my brother went to RNS Motors showroom.
On meeting Mr. Pawar, my brother asked him – Are you delivering us vehicle tomorrow? Mr. Pawar said that “due to insurance issue – we cannot”. My brother said – “forget about insurance, we will buy HDFC insurance and insurance from you as well – we will pay on both sides, now will you deliver us vehicle tomorrow?” Mr. Pawar said “vehicle has to be registered before 12 PM in RTO and since it is already past 12 PM, they cannot proceed further”. I told him that “I called you today (18th Nov) at 11.59 AM. You got to know about insurance issue only at 11.59 AM. You should have done vehicle registration by then? How can you make insurance as an excuse?”
 My brother then asked RNS to immediately start cancellation of car booking. Right in front of us, Mr. Pawar started calling his seniors and started explaining them car booking is being cancelled by us due to insurance issue. He had the audacity to say this in front of us and we knew it very well it was just an excuse Mr. Pawar was making. The reality was RNS was not ready with the delivery of my vehicle, they never planned to deliver it on 19th Nov and were simply playing around with me.
 Ashwini came to me and gave me a blank sheet to pen down cancellation letter. I looked around for pen requesting if I could borrow from Ashwini or Mr. Pawar. There was a sales guy standing beside Ashwini holding pen in his hand. The moment I said – “can I have a pen please?”, I saw Ashwini nudging sales guy standing beside her to hide the pen and he did. I saw that and told, them on their face that their behavior is unbelievable and ridiculous. Is this what you teach your staff?
 RNS already had 5 lakh rupees in their account transferred by me and my dad (3 lakh of cheque , 2 lakh of RTGS transaction, Rs 11000 of booking vehicle). RNS had this amount in their account for a week and still failed to deliver the vehicle. Even HDFC had disbursed 4 lakh of my loan amount to RNS Motors (atleast a week before 18th Nov). In total – RNS Motor had 9 lakh 11000 rupees with them for a week (out of which 4 lakh was the loan amount that was disbursed by HDFC to RNS).
 After Mr. Pawar read my cancellation letter, my brother asked him to sign it and stamp it with RNS Motors stamp. After Mr. Pawar signed it, he wrote below his signature – “Cancellation accepted due to payment not received by finance” and then tells me and my brother that – “we didn’t receive 4 lakh of loan amount, so we are not delivering your vehicle”. Unbelievable! Believe it or not, Mr. Pawar gave us this reason after signing the cancellation letter. What a shame! There is no conscience and honesty that can be expected from staff of RNS motors based on my experience.
 I had tears in my eyes and fought with Mr. Pawar and asked him why did he lie and asked him to stop giving me lame reasons. He told me that it was my fault and RNS was not at fault. Customer is crying in your showroom, you had 9 lakh amount received from customer and HDFC – what kind of showroom treats their customer this way? It is my hard earned money – I as customer will decide if I want to take loan or insurance from HDFC or RNS Motors. This decision is taken by customer. RNS has no right to harass their customer if we refuse to take loan or insurance from you.
 My brother also called General manager of RNS Motors, Yeshwantpur. He gave us same reason – “You have not given us 4 lakh of amount , so vehicle will not be delivered to you”. We even spoke to bank and was told HDFC had already disbursed 4 lakh a week back to RNS. RNS would receive in their account only if they provide vehicle details which RNS failed to do it as they didn’t have vehicle itself and I was entirely blamed for cancellation as if it was all my fault.
 If I didn’t pay 4 lakh of loan amount to RNS as stated by Mr. Kiran Pawar in cancellation letter, then how did RNS return the same amount to HDFC bank when I cancelled the loan? I had to pay Rs. 6800 for cancellation fees of loan. Who is responsible for this? Me or you dealers?
It was a huge mistake to have even thought of purchasing a Maruti vehicle because the way car dealers treat customer. In fact, I am apologizing of even considering to purchase your vehicle. I will ensure none of my family members and loved ones ever step into Maruti showroom.

Complainant's Goal: To ensure no other customer is harassed the way I was.
Complainant's Target: RNS Motors
Complaint Location: IndiaKarnatakaBangalore

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