WHIRLPOOL INDIA LTD - Warranty applicable but not provided by the Engineer/ Support Staff on whirlpool
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Complaint by: JAI KHURANA on May 1, 2017, 9:14 am in Utility Services


I had purchased whirlpool washing machine 360 (Fully automatic), i had been given a warranty of 2 years plus 8 years extended warranty on the prime mover (Variator).

Machine started producing noise on washing from 1st week of April.

I lodged the complaint with whirlpool on 22/4/2017 vide SR no. GB0417015229. Representative Mr. Shahid visited us and without inspection he mentioned it requires cleaning and he pour the chemical in the washing machine and charged my Rs. 1000. He went away in next 10 mts stating he is very busy and cannot wait to analyse if the machine is working fine after one cycle.

Problem did'mt resolve. I again lodged the complain on 25/4/2017 vide SR no. GB0417017760 and same person visited again. This time his statement was that Prime mover of the machine is malfunctioning and it needs to be replaced and their will be a cost of Rs. 4500. I mentioned that i have the warranty for it for 10 years, but he did'nt agree to it. As per him company provides the warranty on motor only. I then called his Supervisor Mr. Ashok Sikka, his statement was also the same. He referred me to another person Mr. Rajesh Sharma. He mentioned that his system does'nt have information of our washing machine. He also mentioned prime mover is the part which is visible from top for which company provides the warranty and not the mechanical one which is defective, so i have to pay Rs. 4500. He negotiated it to Rs. 4050/-

What i could conclude from above is their is some wrong practices being adopted in whirlpool workshops. They will charge me and claim warranty from the company.

Request somebody to look into it ASAP.

This is my 3 rd washing machine of whirlpool and such type of ir-responsible behviour from sevice people i had never seen. I feel being cheated.


Jai khurana
Cell: + 91 9958293838

Complainant's Goal: Warranty applicable but service engineer not providing it
Complainant's Target: WHIRLPOOL INDIA LTD
Complaint Location: IndiaUttar Pradesh

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2 months ago  Kaustubh

Hi very true case.. we have also faced same problem with whirlpool washing machine at Nagpur. They said machine has to taken to workshop for alignment at cost of rs. 5000/- .

When I personally looked in the matter I observed that problem was with only P1 &, P2 program. For other programs machine was spinning fine. Very poor service of whirlpool.