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Complaint by: Prashant on December 4, 2016, 9:14 pm in Computers and Accessories

Well this company vsynergize outsourcing pvt. ltd. is playing with the careers of many people from a long time and body noticed it.

Vsynergize is an call center running verious collection process of us and taking money out of us people that what they are doing from past many years, they are located in pune, on thr website they have shown an office in united states but that is fake office which they have shown.

Recently they have started it solution saying we have started our it unit in it hub that is pune. they have hired some senior resources with good professional background saying we have got couple of big clients across the world and yes they are offering big ctc as well (which will never come).

Once you jon the company you will find below mention things and you will be surprised and shocked that you have just done a mistake leaving your last job or dnt joined any other company.

1) they have hr manager named - alok shashtri - he is basically 12th failed and working with this company from last 5 years or so. he will tell you some big things before you come and join the company. like our salary cycle is like other company, now we are growing rapidly, once you join i will give you an joining letter bank kit every thing as soon as you join our salary date is 30th of every month.

* fact - they have a salary dates - 5th, 10th, 20th. they will give you salaries in check or in saraswat bank (which they will open in three months). so they will give you salary any time on these dates thats also not sure because they wont give you the salary which they have offer you.
For your joining letter you have to fight like 100 times. still they will try not to give you.

2) vp sales for it business solutions - anup gogate - this guy anup who is working as vp in vsynergize has been fired from his last two organizations because of his behavior. he have no idea how to generate revenue and how to deal with it. if you are a girl with 0 knowledge and good looking anup will hire you rite away.in vsynergize it solutions there is only 2 guys and 15 girls so you can imagine what kind of person he is.

We have seen anup gogate talking to long hours with girls in his cabin. he is so much inclined towards girls he chat with girls on gmail all the time, whatsapp and these are his daily task.

If we talk about his knowledge he is having 0.00 knowledge which we can see its more then 7 months since they have started it solutions and till now they have unable to establish contact with any of the client. basically they are in debt and they dont have much of money to provide salaries. we never received our salaries. after fighting for n number of times yes they have given check of salaries for 15-20 days to some employees.

* do not fall in the trap of vsynergize you will end up loosing your career time and money. *

They are basically doing cald calling | appointment setters | selling of other companies trail version accounts.

Complainant's Goal: Unethical | call center | Fake Management | Harmful for Girls.
Complainant's Target: Vsynergize Outsourcing Pvt.Ltd.
Complaint Location: IndiaMaharashtraPune

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Recent Comments
2 weeks ago  Neha

Anup Gogate VP Sales from Vsynergize Outsourcing Pvt.Ltd. Hired me for Business Development and from very second day he start flirting with me. In 4 days i left the company because of him .

* Very bad company Very Bad guy . Anup Gogate.


2 weeks ago  Mahesh

Www.vsynergizeoutsourcing.com , www.vsynergize.com , www.vsynergizeglobal.com

Fraud and Call Center Scammers .

*** Be Aware Employees and Clients . Do not fall for this company. Biggest Scam of Pune.

3 weeks ago  Rohit

Anup Gogate from Vsynergize outsourcing pvt.Ltd. Pune has done a big fraud with our company , on which we have filled an compliant against Anup Gogate .

Never trust this company - Vsynergize Outsourcing Pvt.Ltd. They are Call Center Scammers....

Sun, 18 Dec 2016  monika james

True , What all this guy said was happend with me too .

Very Very Bad Company and This guy .

Vsynergize Outsourcing Pvt.Ltd. / Anup Gogate both are an Scam .
Involved in so many Scandals.

Mon, 05 Dec 2016  Manish

Not Sure about these things which is mentioned above , I was Working in Vsynergize BPO .

SInce i belong to BPO industry and had tons of experience in BPO , i recently left the company.
It was like other BPO companies what good you can expect , Yes working Hours are 10 in this company and getting Salary is an issue...

Mon, 05 Dec 2016  Monika

Hi All .

After reading this compliant i thought to share my views on this.
I joined Vsynergize only for 3 days. I joined in as Business Development Manager for IT Solutions. Under Anup Gogate.

Well since i dont have a job offer when i joined Vsynergize and i already left my last company. So with a mindset before getting any better company lets try them till then i have better offer.

Since from day 1 when i got call from HR Manager named -Alok Shashtri . He was really not sure about HR policy and he was in dilemma about the JD of my profile.time and salary as well so i found it fishy but i fall for it.

At the time of Interview Anup make me wait for 3 houra.thn he send some one to ask that he is busy and he will be available tomorrow. I came next day again. He took me in some cabin for one on one discussion . I can figure it out the way he was talking to me and giving expression s. Only desperate people or a person who is coming from small background will do that.

Finally i got confirmation call next day and they ask me to join from very next day when i ask HR about offer he ask me to come to office for joining letter.

Once i joined in it was a different picture only 2 guys and rest are girls. Mr. Anoop Gogate is going for coffee with them talking one by one to all girls. Then they all are going on lunch together. I mean situation seems so much like i am in trap.

Second day i asked HR about salary since i got feedback from employees that they dont have salary datea and they can provide salary on 5th,10,20,22 any time with cheques . Or may be in two months.i was shocked and surprised.

They dnt provide me and offer or joining letter they said we will provide you in a months time .

Anup called me to his cabin and asked first q.

What kind of clothes you wear if we have to go in a meeting. Will you prefer wearing skirt if you are going with me for meeting to other city. I was shocked and i feel like just to run anyhow from that situation. Any how i manage and went back home

I share all these things with my family.being a girl they ask me to stop going to that company and they enquired about it.

They come up with these things. Anup Gogate was fired from his last two companies because of bad ethics . This company have bad reputation.

Whay they are doing on the name of IT -They are selling trial version of Google accounts on cald calling. I talked to other girls

They told me they are in a Trap and just waiting for thr money /salary so that they can run out of this jail

I will never ever forgot that face and this company.