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Complaint by: Rishikesh Tiwari & Triveni Prasad Tiwari on August 14, 2017, 3:27 pm in Airlines

Respected Sir/ Madam,

I, Rishikesh Tiwari would like to bring in your kind notice on irregularities by Yatra and Jet and seek your kind intervention in this; Details of the issue is as below:

I have booked Tickets for my family members from Yatra (for Jet Airways) on 4th July and I have been charged for Rs.23780/- but there was no actual ticket booked. I tried calling Yatra which is really a difficult task- finally I got the answer that the same was because of system error and the amount will be refunded in next 2 days- then there was reply that it will be done on 7 days and 10 days- Finally I got this refund after one week almost and the issue was closed. On 4th when ticket was not booked (and PNR was not generated and I have been charged)- after discussion with Yatra call centre- I have purchased another ticket-(paid 26020/) but the worst shock and surprise was that in spite of correct data and details- the destination changed (to become from and vice-a-versa); this is purely because of system error, faulty online system. I bought this in to notice of Yatra Management but not got any proper response- finally escalated to Jet Airways highest authority and finally I have been refunded some amount and I have penalized for 14165/- by deductions for no reason and no fault from my side.

I would like to draw your urgent attention on below point and you’re your intervention:
1.Only after my repeated follow up and reminders on UDF refunds- Yatra refunded the UDF amount that too I am not sure whether the same is genuine or not? I have not seen any pro-activeness in refunding the UDF from any one of them -even after sharing the circular of DGCA , Yatra and Jet were not ready initially to refund. Later on they refunded some amount but I am sure there is gap in the same.
2.Neither Yatra nor Jet ready to share the complete break up Total Amount Charged, Break of Refunded and Total Break Amount of Amount penalty. There is no transparency in charges they have charged to me.
3.Yatra is doing malpractices by overcharging to the consumers- like in this case and Jet Airways is directly / indirectly supporting in it but not disclosing the breakup of the charged amount.
4.Yatra is misleading consumer on their portal- when we try to book any air ticket- its shows X Rate- when we select that because X plus Rates- and finally we book and go to pay- we finally land up paying X Plus Plus amount- This is purely misleading consumers. There are so many hidden charges levied by Yatra which they never disclose and collect over charges from passengers.
5.The worst part is that Jet Airways does not have any control mechanism to stop and hold such malpractices at Yatra. They don’t have any review mechanism too. Since Yatra is issuing Jet Airways tickets by using “JET AIRWAYS” brand- its equal responsibility of airlines too- to control such unethical practice. Considering the principal service providers- Jet Airways cannot simply wash their hands from such issues.

I am also putting few reviews of Yatra (which is hardly few reviews among so many negative and worst reviews which is easily available on web) for your reference- request you to please have a look so that you understand how these Online companies play with consumers and harass by overcharging, by providing unprofessional services and doing unethical business. Such malpractices has to be looked seriously and suitable action should be taken against such irregularities..


I sincerely request you to please review this issue and help me in getting justice..

I also apologies & sincerely regret for the inconvenience cause to you because of this issue. The below trails are self-explanatory to understand the issue. Hope to hear your decision after review of this issue. Please consider. Kindly do the needful and oblige.

Thanking you.
Yours Truly

Rishikesh Tiwari

Complainant's Goal: To get refund of excess and wrong deductions by YATRA for no reason
Complainant's Target: Yatra Online Pvt Ltd
Complaint Location: IndiaMaharashtra

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Wed, 16 Aug 2017  Yatra.com

Dear Mr Tiwari,

Greetings from Yatra .com!

We sincerely regret for all the inconvenience you have gone through. Would like to share with you that If incase you have doubt on UDF refund, you can cross check the amount with Airline directly. Regarding your concern on system issued ticket on wrong sector, we would like to infirm you that we have end number of ticket getting issued on our website and there is no issue in the system; however, we will be pleased to help you here and will get this checked with our technical team, request you to kindly share any document or video, which we can share with our team to identify the issue.

Best Regards,
Yatra Care