HUDA - unauthorized and criminals activities going beside our H-1257 sec -21 GURGAON
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Complaint by: premchand yadav on January 30, 2018, 8:13 pm in Law and Civil Rights

This is complaint regarding unauthorized and criminals activities going beside our house no 1257 sector 21 gurgaon, Haryana -122001.
We are resident of house no.1257 sector 21 gurgaon. Our complaint is that house no 1251 resident mr Praveen Yadav running unauthorized commercial taxi and tempo stand in unallotted plot no 1256.they parks 40 cars daily in plot no 1256 and land attached to plot which makes lots of pollution too. Their taxi comes in odd hours in speed and blows horns. Taxi stand owner and their driver’s drinks in plot 1256 at night times in cars, talks in abusive language and play music in cars loudly daily. They park their taxies even in front of our cars. When we request them to take away as it’s inconvenient for us to take out our car from our house. They come for fight and gives abusive words. Their drivers do not have any manners they stare at our ladies and kids passes abusive comments. When we tells them that we will compliant to huda than they says nobody can do anything from huda office as they pays bribe for each car to huda officers monthly basis. We can’t even walk freely outside our home and cant left our kids alone. For our safety finally we installed cctv Camera all around our house.
1. Our request is please make auction of plot no 1256 or make garden. We are also ready to make garden to all residents and plantation of plot no 1256.
2. Please make wall or fencing between village and huda plot no 1256.
It’s our humble request to huda please take out this unauthorized commercial taxi and tempo stand and make wall between plot 1256 and village land. I Mr premchand Yadav resident of house no 1257 is ex defense personal. I spent all my savings for making my house 1257. So that after retirement from army I can spent my life peacefully with family as I spent my maximum life for severing our country at border.
Thanking you

Complainant's Target: HUDA
Complaint Location: IndiaHaryanaGurgaon

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Thu, 15 Mar 2018  Amar

Hello sir,

I am not sure I am approaching the right person for this matter but as per the address, I have found this post from you while searching online. The matter is regarding your card Honda City Reg: HR 26 BB 6268. I bought this vehicle through a known dealer cum friend who turned out to be a goon and did not provide me with the complete documents to get this vehicle transferred on my name. I just have a small favor and I know that you being an Ex-Army officer will help me for sure. I need a self attested document of your's with your name Prem Chand mentioned on it and signed by you to process the vehicle transfer. I have been chasing those goons to give me the same but they are not even answering my calls now. I am in a situation now where I have literally begged this buggers for your Self attested ID proof to process the car transfer on your name.

Please please please sir, I really need that document and hoping that this message will reach you so that we could get this sought out. I hope you will be able to understand my level of depression here due to this.
If possible please call me at +91-9990669123.

Thanks and best regards