Titan watch - Titan Faulty Watch is continuously saved from his service staff
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Complaint by: on June 30, 2014, 12:04 am in Jewelry and Watches

Titan: Brand that sells good and bad watches.
But there is a lacking factor "poor service, False promises by its service team".

Case: Model: 9324SM01 purchased on 1st Feb, 2013 from Mangalore, Karnataka.
History: It was gift from my fiancee on Valentine, 2013.
I started using it from April (after our marriage).

and May end Titan Bad watch (i will not say all of them are bad 1% of titan watches may be bad, as i am using one more watch from 5+ years with no defects) stopped working, I consulted to my native place Jaipur (world of titan, M.I. Road) in June, 2013 (only 3 months of use) and they said sorry sir Battery had the issue and changed the cell. Thankful to them (though i told them to check the machine as cells should not go off this early).

But anyhow i started using it at random intervals with my another watch. and again in Sep, 2013 it went off :(, Then i contacted the Titan world, Mahagun Metro mall, Ghaziabad center [Date: 13/10/2013].

Again i asked them to check throughly this time and then they said that the machine was faulty hence changed this time and returned to me on 22/10/2013 without bill (excused that their staff left early that day).

But alas the Bad watch mystry still continues, i again had the issue with this great painful device to me from TITAN in March, and contacted to Mahagun titan shop but they said that battery issue, and more then 1 years hence no replacement of battery. Then i contacted with Titan, Shipra mall, indirapuram, Ghaziabad and received the Toll free numbers and complaint against the mahagun store. Then we received a call from Mr. Rehan (+91-9953008781) So called their South Ex manager and he pitched in and asked us to submit the same to Mahangun Store and after 11 days his called personal inspection they returned the watch with no fault [Submitted on 02/04/2014 ; Returned on 13/04/2014] Bill received this time.

and now in June 2014 it has stopped again. And now also Mahagun Staff is saying that Watch battery is drained. and Even Mr. Rehan (their customer support manager have the same words, that battery might be the only issue).

But how battery drained in less then 6 months in perfectly tested watch by Titan area service manager comments.

NOW we want an apology from titan for the non-responsible attitude of service and mischievous staff.
We need replacement of the watch, No more excuses from any of the staff member/ manager.
Nikita Ashish Agarwal

Though they promote them selves as : :(
Ref: http://www.titancare.co.in/
Our Service Philosophy:
The 3 R's
Repair the hurt feelings of the customer
Repair the watch
Repair the damage to TITAN reputation

But seriously TITAN Staff doesn't follow the philosophy, Even after complaining to the Regional manager too.
Pathetic staff.

Complainant's Goal: Reimbursement of mental pain and Replacement of faulty watch
Complainant's Target: Titan watch
Complaint Location: IndiaUttar PradeshGhaziabad

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