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Complaint by: Narendra Jain on December 4, 2017, 1:45 pm in Career and Employment

Dear Sir / Ma'am

i have contacted by ms. subhangi of success manpower services several times regarding yearly membership of there company.

on 14th of nov. 2017 i agreed to take the yearly membership only on one condition if they send candidates on 17th nov.2017. she told me that she already did the scanning work and around 9-10 candidates for each profile are ready but according to her company policy it will takes 3 days to send the persons.

i have already informed her that i will be in ahmedabad office till tuesday so she have to send persons latest by saturday. she agreed so i registered on 15th nov. 2017 with them. mr. satish came and took my cheque. when i asked for refund assurity, so she send me email regarding if she is not able to complete her job she will refund the whole amount.

on 18th nov. 2017 when no one came to my ahmedabad office i called up several time to ms. shubangi and there other nos. but no one pick up the phone and when i tried mr. vidyut( there ahmedabad office head) number is not correct.

after sometime one of there office person called up and inform me that no person was turned out for appointment. so i told her i will be there on sunday also so send the person on sunday as well. she told she would inform me but neither phone call came nor the person.

i called up again on sunday several time but no one pickup the phone.

i called up again on monday and tuesday as well when i call up to there office number they will said ms. shubangi is busy in meeting and when i asked for refund they told me that they will talk with ms shubangi and let me know and till today i have not got any call from her.

on thursday or friday they have sent a single candidate i told him as i am not there so meeting is not possible come next month.

same day there mumbai office called up and told me we have sent a candidate but you are not there i told her talk to ms shubangi i have already informed her that i would be not available after 21-11-2017.

when i asked for refund, she told me we are not giving you refund.

i told her i have complaint in police they said do whatever you want to do but we will not give you refund.

i have not got my gst bill till date.

Complainant's Goal: i m traveling ahmedabad on 18-12-2017 so arrange the interviews or give refund.
Complaint Location: IndiaMaharashtra

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